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ultrafire 3.7v pack

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  • Excellent Purchase!

    posted by intelboy15

    1) It is a 2400mAh capacity battery.2) 2 batteries (@ ~$5 for one)3) PCB protection against overvoltage, overdischarge, and overcharge4) Build quality on par with major brand names
    I'll be using it to build a battery pack for a old cordless drill since I can't buy any Li-Ion battery packs for the drill.

    The larger size isn't much of a hamper, although it is much larger than I had expected (roughly double the volume of that of a standard AA). The high capacity is great and it has a PCB.

    I'm sure it'll be a great buy for those high-drain CREE and Luxeon LED lights (if you can get one to fit).
    Cheaper than any retail or online store in the U.S. for the same brand and quality battery. PCB equipped for about $5 a battery.

    Buy it if you need these 18650 batteries or want to build a battery pack out of them.
  • Long lasting batteries for flashlights

    posted by lancersfx

    Have purchased a pack of 2 and a full recharge time of 4-6 hours. Great value for money and have been working very well. There are other 18650 batteries on DX but verify the correct mAh rating when ordering the batteries there is 1300 and 2600. Depending on the type of equipment and its capacity requirement order the correct one.
    Buy this + the Ultrafire WF series or the SSC series as they go hand in hand to provide one of the best battery backups.
  • Good value for money

    posted by perror3

    Protected which make me feel better. After all, lithium batteries can burn and something can go wrong when charging.Good price/performance. Yes, there are batteries with much higher stated capacity but those will cost more and with two batteries you can always have one charged as a backup.
    Not related to the batteries but the plastic box they came in breaks very easily.
    I would buy them again if I needed more.
  • Cheap 2400mah batteries

    posted by 13557

    Good high mah 18650 batteries that use Li-ion technology. These hold the charge well and last decades without deteriorating or losing voltage holdup. Cheap to buy a lot and good batteries.
    Nice performance batteries good mah rating my recommendations. Well made choice.
    Super 18650 batteries looks like 2400mah and perform well on my flashlights and not at a bad price either good for many purposes if holders are bought.
  • Best for the price.

    posted by dangum

    I am going to have to agree with clunian on this one. These have very high capacity, for the price it is unbeatable. They also have the ability to push out up to 8A for a short period. I have compared them to my AW 2500mah and they are almost identicle. With the exception of these cost 1/4 of the AW.
    A little thicker than most 18650s, which is actually a good thing in most lights as they do not rattle around as much.
    Great battery, if you are new to the site and are looking for something to power that first XML-T6 flashlight for almost an hour on high, this is your battery.


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