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ultrafire 2 18650

If you want to purchase ultrafire 2 18650, this is your best place to buy it. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. You can find what you want at ultrafire 18650 green, ultrafire 501b 18650. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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ultrafire 2 18650 Customers Reviews

  • Good Batteries !!!

    posted by victorrolando

    I have other pair of the same batteries since 2011 that I use in a XML T6 torch and at full power, it drains 1 Amp at 3.6V, and run 1 hour. Build quality is good and fit in my torch, recommended to any who need a good 18650 battery at bargain price.It reach full charge at 4.2V and my torch dim when the battery voltage drop below 3.2V.It has pretection circuit to prevent overdischarge or overcharge.
    Comes in a plastic box inside que envelope, that is better than bubble plastic wrap.
    If you need a 18650 battery with good capacity, good price and good quality, don´t think more, buy it.
  • A lightweight singe mode thrower

    posted by jamahl73

    Wow. The quoted small output of this torch (230 lumens) does not do the torch justice. When I first open the box I was impressed with the quality of the torch body. A very nice black anodised type finish with good quality threads. I purchased this torch to mount above a rimfire rifle scope and am very impressed with the light weight of the torch. Given the single mode of the torch it will suit this application perfectly in conjunction with a remote switch. The beam is very narrow with very little halo spread. This means it throws the majority of its light a long way out so not so good for general usage. The 18650 battery provides long life.
    An excellent quality torch for those that require light weight with an excellent long narrow beam.
    Great value.
  • B.r.ight.

    posted by frollard

    Magnificently bright. Unheard-of bright. wow. bright. Did I mention bright? When compared to my 1400 lumen video projector, it washes out the entire wall making the picture totally disappear, zero contrast. To walk all over a 1400 lumen projector beam like that is mind boggling.on/fade to low/fast strobe with memory is quick to turn on and off.
    Remarkably bright light, not too heavy, gets 'warm' is an understatement. I'd like an 18650 charger w/ 4 slots and potentially 4 batteries included, but what can you do eh?
    If you need a ridonculous light then get this flashlight.
  • Excellent. Very good price. Great Seller

    posted by jcbartolomeo

    Easy to recharge. Very fast delivery.The batteries are very long. The recharge time is very short. The flashlight works perfectly. I have similar and already have two years of continuous use, without symptoms of wear. They're better than AAA or AA batteries. They last much longer and the light intensity has no comparison.
    Highly recommnendable.Easy to recharge. Very fast delivery.
    I will buy another, soon
  • 18650 protected battery

    posted by jpreto

    these work great in my various led lights that use the 18650 battery. I have charged them with the Ultrafire and DSD chargers and they don't seem to overcharge, ie over 4.2 volts
    I'm buying more as they are at a great price

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