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ultrafire 18650 zoom Customers Reviews

  • Good but roughly trimmed

    posted by DanBrno

    Very good price about this flashlight. Its produce really about 700lm. Light be a little bit to blue, but it is flashlight, no cell light. Without batery is light-weight.
    Power button be harly press by thumb, but if you use forefinger all is ok.
    My piece have defective diode, i try another, which have my friend from DX. Design is the same. I buy it again. I use this baterry SKU 20392 and time of use is about 3-4hour in full mode. In middle about 5h. In low mode about 7h. Strobing be in full power mode, i don like strobing but no nomodel without this.
  • Excellent flashlight for the price

    posted by KenatSurrey

    Got this flashlight on sale. Excellent quality with a excellent spread of light on high level... no hot spots. The zooming feature is good with a square spot...very bright. Very small flashlight that gives out a excellent light. The clip is good for EDC in the front or back pocket.
    I didn't mind the brown color. All in all is a excellent flashlight for the price.
    One thumbs for this flashlight. Would have given two thumbs up if it had a convex glass lens.
  • Small Sun - well deserved

    posted by cadocado

    Incredible amount of light. This will win the 'who's got the biggest' competition for a while. If your eyes are used to normal daylight, and you shine this baby into a darkened corner, you don't need to adjust - it is as bright as sunlight.I am fairly certain it is waterproof.
    It is so airtight that the zoom is sucked backwards because of air pressure. No kidding. It stays in place when I unscrew a cap, but with everything screwed on, the air pressure pushes the zoom back where it came from. This thing is airtight.
    I like. This is the ultimate flashlight for the time being.
  • Perfect for MTB

    posted by elduri

    The zoom adjust the pointing area from an small cube in the wall to a big circle. The light area is homogeneus and give a blue, almost purple light. Seems pretty strong built, even the dimmer/zoom and its not a big light. I like a lot the modes, full, medium, low and off. And extra strobe mode if you press like two seconds. Perfect!!
    I have this other sku http://www.dx.com/p/ha-iii-cree-ssc-p7-c-sxo-3-mode-900-lumen-led-headlamp-set-4-18650-included-29489 and in theory is the same lux, but this zooming light is more brilliant and powerful, the led is smaller and i think wont be so hot like the other.
    Cheap and valuable item. Quite good for cycling (its what i want for). Im waiting for other two more sku, 170891 and 170146, i will see which one its better.
  • T55 Ultrafire

    posted by MarekNovak

    Flashlight is actually 5 mode: Hi-med-lo-fast strob-SOS. LED emiter is on piece of aluminum with bad heat contact with body - need a little bit of thermal compound.Looks very stiff
    I did not yet turned it on for longer period due to possible overheating of LED. Just small amount of thermal compound will be necessary to put below the LED.


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