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ultrafire 18650 white

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On this page, you can find a wide selection of ultrafire 18650 white. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. We recommend bike ultrafire 18650, 18650 ultrafire 1000lm as hot products. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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ultrafire 18650 white Customers Reviews

  • great flashlight

    posted by kike3

    The price is low.The light emitted is awesomeThe zoom is very usefulThe materials used are hard and resistant
    flashlight size seems excessive, but it gives an impressive amount of light!
    its low price and the amount of light is very goodI use it as a flashlight bike and looks very good, and most importantly is that: car drivers will look great
  • Cool product!

    posted by Fuck3r123

    Amazing flashlight!Its REALLY bright, its my first flashlight purchase on this site and im very happy with it.I bought 2, 2 chargers and 2 kit of 4 batteries.Its lightweight, and it feels nice at touch.. its like aluminium, great quality!
    Be careful not to point in someones eye, it could be very dangerous ! If you doubt if its bright enough, i test it on daylight...yes: DAYLIGHT! And its very bright!Good packaging, as i say before, I bought 2 and some chargers and batteries and everything arrive perfectly! no scratches at all!
    Excellent purchase, i think i would buy some more in the future!
  • Very pleased.

    posted by phillby

    Fit, finish, and workmanship rate very high. Quality parts throughout. You can even feel the quality of the switch. My units are used every day. I am satisfied they will out last previous units. Very nice.
    Nice people to deal with. Had an issue with Customs and it was corrected promptly.
    Will be ordering more units shortly. Delivery times are a bit long, but well worth the wait. Coupled with protected cells, I am a very comfortable customer.
  • Excellent

    posted by Hyperian

    Excellent floody beam, stainless steel casing is hard to scratch and looks very cool.If you pull this out of your pocket at a fireworks party people get interested fast. Smooth fronted bezel make it easy to pocket without damaging pocket linings.
    Three modes would have been better for me but thats my personal preference.My current favourite pocket light.
    Very pleased with it.
  • One of the best zooming XM-L T6 flashlights

    posted by podvlada

    Very bright, small and powerfull, seems sturdy and build quality is very good as well. Clip is strong. Strap can be attached, there are small drilled holes near the cap. Fits protected cells - I have TrustFire protected 2400mAh cells (sku. 20392) and tailcap can be screwed all the way in. Stands good on tail and on the head too. Will not roll with the clip on. Zoomable. Switch has nice feeling - it's reverse click type.
    OK, here are some numbers. With fresh cell: high mode draws ~1,8A; medium ~0,9A; low ~0,25A. Measured 1m from wall, wide beam has 130cm diameter, zoomed beam is square with side of 17cm.
    Don't know, how much I would have to pay to get one of these in my country. This beats everything else in price and output power. You wouldn't regret buying one of these.

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