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  • review for UltraFire 18650 3.7V 3000mAh Lithium Ba

    posted by Zeimou

    Actually I have charged my batteries with this just once, but batteries are still in use, so this has charged them very well. Price is good and I selected this one because of other user report about two independent charging slots. Great.
    With two independent charging slots (I haven't checked that by myself) both batteries can and will be fully charged. I cannot understand other chargers which will finish the charging when first of the batteries get full...
    Great functionality(as other user reported there are two independent slots) with great price!
  • Arrived on time

    posted by tuanbeng

    Arrived on time, fully charge and ready to use. Happy. Tried on my torch bought last week and it was very bright. It even came with a plastic container where you can keep your batteries safely. really value for money. Received them in my letterbox so there is no need to stay at home to wait for the delivery.
    May be the 500 words limit can be reduce to 250 words?
    Good buy! will either buy again or recommend friends to buy. If you own a torch that required extra batteries for standby, this is definite a good choice.
  • Excellent 4-channel charger for 18650 batteries

    posted by puterfixer

    This is a well-built charger, with excellent finish and functional design, well ventilated. It has 4 independent charging circuits for the 4 charging slots, and it accomodates various Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. It monitors the charging level for each of them and stops when they are full, without risking overcharging them. An indicator LED will turn from red to green for each slot when charging is complete. The USB port is a bonus, although using it disables two of the charging slots. Works with any 12V 1A power adapter.
    I'm starting a collection of power adapters with the wrong kind of plug for my country :-)
    Excellent fast charger with 4 independent channels for Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.
  • rustamgrf

    posted by rustamgrf

    A lantern came in the package, Bright Lights, 5 different modes - all modes of working and easy to switch, low price, excellent design, build quality is good (5 +). Small size.
    Small size is comfortable to hold in your hand and carry in your pocket. Range 150-200m. When I shone in the sky, people thought that shines spotlight. Excellent toy. I was pleasantly surprised!
    Since he has included: a flashlight, battery and charger. That is a good gift for New Year for men. The price is low, we have in Russia is 2-2.5 times more expensive.
    Excellent flashlight, highly recommend. Great gift for men.
  • Excellent Purchase!

    posted by intelboy15

    1) It is a 2400mAh capacity battery.2) 2 batteries (@ ~$5 for one)3) PCB protection against overvoltage, overdischarge, and overcharge4) Build quality on par with major brand names
    I'll be using it to build a battery pack for a old cordless drill since I can't buy any Li-Ion battery packs for the drill.

    The larger size isn't much of a hamper, although it is much larger than I had expected (roughly double the volume of that of a standard AA). The high capacity is great and it has a PCB.

    I'm sure it'll be a great buy for those high-drain CREE and Luxeon LED lights (if you can get one to fit).
    Cheaper than any retail or online store in the U.S. for the same brand and quality battery. PCB equipped for about $5 a battery.

    Buy it if you need these 18650 batteries or want to build a battery pack out of them.


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