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ultrafire 18650 3.7v

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ultrafire 18650 3.7v Customers Reviews

  • very convenient Universal Charging

    posted by directman

    11) you can charge two battery and one by one
    2) shows the LEDs is charging or not, if zyaryadka finished a light green, charging LED is still flashing signals - red / green
    3) You can charge the lithium-ion akumulyatory as a constant and on the AC
    4) charging a set of about 18,650 batteries make the 4 hour
    5) it is possible to charge the other lithium-ion akumulyatory 3.7V 14500/17500/18500/17670/18650 (only 18,650 load quickly, others not yet)
    best universal charging
    at work bought me 3 pieces
  • I like these UltraFire batterys

    posted by thunder1313

    Very long lasting. They fit my flashlights very well. Protection card at bottom of cell works very well keeps from over charging and low voltage from ruining the cell. Great product well constructed.
    Seems to last as long as the sku 20392 red and black batterys at about $1.25 USD per cell less cost.I have had no problems with any of them so far. Color is a bit drab (grey)but who sees them inside the light anyway. I have used in both of my flashlights for more than one hour on high beam.
    I like these lithium-ion cells very much. I will buy more. I highly recomend these to flashlight users or anyone needing a long lasting battery.
  • Great value but average performance

    posted by nomoney

    Protection circuit works as intended. Cells are well wrapped and presented.
    Build quality is OK for the money, no sharp or rough edges. The 17500 version(SKU 6226) lights up high current incands with a single click... but the 18650 version does not... STRANGE!
    Good value and performnace in LED flashlights where current draw is relatively low compared to incandescents.
  • Very Nice Batteries

    posted by DabeMaguro

    These were my first "abnormal" battery purchase. I was looking for batteries for my new flashlights (also purchased here) and chose these. They are built well. Protected. And seem like they will last. I have recharged a few times now and they are great each time. No issues with run time. They last.
    I just purchased another light and another pair of batteries. I also purchased a light, charger, and pair of batteries for a friend who is going on a long trip. I wanted her to have a good reliable light, with a bit of protection so i got her one with an assault crown. These batteries are what im sending with her.
    I have purchased 3 pairs of these now. NO issues whatsoever. I would like to try some of the others on the site, but these work great, so i havnt purchased anything else yet.
  • 2600 mAh though rated "4000" = OK

    posted by hurupthy2010

    So far - Excellent performance doing appx 2600mAh compared to e.g TrustFire 2400mAh genuine rate.In other words: At this price - pt at a 20% bargain, I can only recommend this particular UltraFire, if You´re in need of new 18650´s......
    Why worry - if You buy and use some of these and perhaps some TrustFire 18650, 2400mAh, You will only become satisfied
    Buy - Buy - Buy. At this bargain, You will only become very satisfied........


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