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  • Bright, solid, good quality, but highly overrated

    posted by mnashe

    1. The body quality is perfect.Excellent heat dissipation (due to its very solid body and its shape) — maybe the most important advantage of this flashlight.2. Large reflector, gives perfect, smooth very bright spot in the center and also smooth larger spot around it. The LED is exactly centered.3. No annoying flashing mode, just three useful modes: High (5W), Middle (2.8W), Low (0.6W).
    Current measurements for the three modes (on a fresh battery, not on the LED):1250–1350 mA700 mA150 mA
    If the price is not so important for you, and you are going to use it for a long times in summer – it maybe the good choice. Otherwise, you may buy a cheaper model with almost the same properties.
  • Nice bright flashlight

    posted by DanXo

    The flashlight is very good and has a very good build quality. I like that it has sealing on every thread i really think that you can put it under water I only don't know if the switch is waterproof but anything else looks like it is. It has a strap on it that can handle the flashlights weight. Overall the flashlight is very good and the price is right.
    I only have it a day so I don't know how long the battery will last. I bougt the 2500mAh so we will see how long it will last.
    If you need a very bright light that can stand some water and looks good that's the right one for you.
  • A nice addition to my collection

    posted by ilianbg

    It's very bright. This is my brightest flashlight to date. When you put your hand in front of it you can feel the heat. I also have SKU 852 which is bright, but this one is noticeably brighter. Build quality is good. I like the finish very much.
    I got SKU 20392 for batteries. They are a perfect fit.
    This one is a keeper. If you like flashlights, get one
  • UltraFire 18WG-T60 is brighter

    posted by dksskdl

    Bright narrow-focused beam. Brighter than most other flashlights on DX. Durable.
    Having two batteries should last longer. This doesn't get as warm as the 18WG-T60. With this one the brightest setting is not a huge increase in brightness from the dimmer setting.
    A good buy, but not the best option.
  • Compact and competent

    posted by Yoppe1

    I got the flashlight quite fast, within three weeks by international mail. The flashlight has a really nice design and a robust casing. The light itself is fantastic and easy to switch between modes.
    DX should email the customer if the item in some way should not meet the standard asked by the buyer, in order to meet the customers request. I got a colour that i dant use in my line off work as a paramedic, since my waistgear has to be black.
    A nice compact flashlight that will do the work for you. Delivery was fast but the wrong colour.


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