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ultra slim Customers Reviews

  • Not working with Windows 64 bits

    posted by scumie

    Works as advertised on windows x86 (32 bits)Small, compact, very very thinSolid overall except a few keys (read on)
    Not been able to use it on my 64 bit machine makes this product useless for me. I might use it for my other machine or leave it there just in case. I don't recommend this, although it's a nice keyboard, it might not work properly on your OS. I tried searching for drivers, there are none to be found. I'll post here if I can find one.
    If you use a 32 bits OS (Windows) you might enjoy this keyboard. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Nice and good

    posted by TJBambach

    Shipment was pretty fast and was delivered in good condition. (+- 2 weeks). It has a really nice texture to it, lies very good in the hand. Better grip than without the case. The color of the case fits superb with the HTC One. It snaps right in to place, no fuss whatsoever. Does not make your phone look bulky or whatever. I really like this case a lot because of its looks. Ordered the grey edition as well. Also the top and bottom of the phone is left open, which is a good thing because some cases are closed all the way which I don't like. For this phone in particular you will need an open case in order for the tv remote to work properly.
    The cut outs are well doneThe texture is awesomeThe color is more like brown/red rather than maroon. Still looks nice though
    I really love this case for its looks, but I do not know if this will protect your phone the way it should. It looks great and is one of the nicest cases I've seen for the HTC One but like I said, if you drop your phone it's dead with or without the case anyway
  • Touch screen stylus pen

    posted by dulek

    Attractive design, very light device, but robust enough when using. To get it pair with computer does not works at first (you have to press all 3 buttons at once) but when paired, continued to work flawlessly. Goes to sleep automatically if not moved for minutes, but instantly wakes up and reconnects when custom button is pressed on top of the mouse. On/off switch exists on the bottom of it. Comes with neat protective plastic box. Device is still very light altogether with two AAA batteries.
    Very good looking device, light and still hard enough for use, with quite a good price.
  • good and light

    posted by darkstalker

    This is a cheap and yet good frame protector for the iphone 5. It does not weight a lot and putting it on the white iphone 5, makes it look good too.
    If you are looking for a simple protector for the iphone 5 or the iphone 5s, this is the one to get. Couple that with a nice tempered glass screen protector and a back protector, this is teh awesome combi. Used to have a flap type protector but find it getting more bothersome to use as need to flip the cover to access the screen. now, I just throw it into the back and when i need it, just take out and use. Convenience.
    Just buy it
  • very nice

    posted by yalchinosis

    Very thin and incredibly nice product. You can place it to you wallet. It magnifies good and clear but I'm not if it is 5x or not. You can read little fonts of books with this easily, observe beetles or flowers or you can lit a fire via focusing sun light to flammable material like paper or wood.
    Good product, you can add it to your survival kit.
    If you don't have one, I suggest you to buy one.

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