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ultra mini 2.0 Customers Reviews

  • Cheap but very good

    posted by thany

    It's a bluetooth adapter. And then some. This thing is so small you can put it in your laptop and leave it connected even when putting the laptop in its carrying bag. It hardly sticks out, so it's safe to leave it connected forever.
    Also, this dongle is instantly recognized by Windows 7, no extra drivers required, even though they are supplied on a mini CD in the package.
    I've tested it by trying to tether my pc to my phone via the PAN profile, and it worked beautifully. I haven't tested other profile, but since this stick uses the Microsoft BT-stack, I suspect most profiles will work.
    Stick it in a desktop pc without it looking weird. Most desktop pc's don't have bluetooth, and mine now does.
    Also, because it's so small, it won't have maximum range, so just keep that in mind. This is good and bad at the same time: good because it saves energy; bad because it might not do well in a HTPC.
    For laptop/desktop usage, it's perfect. Hands down. Just don't loose it, because it really is that small.
  • It works!

    posted by gabrielbonelli

    The product is very compact, works well, is easy to install and use. It supports b, g and n WiFi standards. It's very cheap, also. I do recommend this nano USB WiFi adapter. I am using it at this time!
    I had a little problem to discover which model was the correct one to install the driver. Looking with pacience, I saw at the package label the reference from RT5370 chipset. And than, the problem was solved. Excluding this little question, the WiFi adapter was very easy to use and install.
    No comments.
  • Works exactly as needed

    posted by bugalier

    Small and unobtrusive, very discreet Bluetooth.Good range for the size of the deviceWorks without any third party drivers in Windows 7When combined with DS3 software, allows you to pair a PS3 Dual Dhock with your PC for MAME and Windows games.
    this works perfectly with PS3 controllers and Windows XP and 7 and allows for Bluetooth pairing so you can play windows and MAME games using PS3 controller.No third party drivers needed makes it clean and the shipping size is just the bluetooth unit.
    Excellent value for money and very quick delivery time.Pairs with phones and PS3 controllers for PC gaming.Small form factor makes an excellent bluetooth connection option for HTPCs and other micro computing applications.
  • Grea as a cheap KVM (minus V) but QA could be improved!

    posted by nPete

    Description says it's for printers, but if you have an USB keyboard and mouse (preferably a keyboard that has a hub, so that a single connection will do for both) and a monitor with multiple video input, you'd be a fool not to use this with a pair of cheap Type A -> Type B USB cables and use it as a KVM (minus V).As this is a purely mechanical switch, any extra features from your mouse/keyboard will be preserved.
    Apart from the poor soldering, this is a sturdy item with good design. Now I can use two computers at the same time with a single set of keyboard/mouse, and easily switch between them. Considering the price of DVI+USB KVMs, this is totally worth it!
    If you need a cheap USB KVM, and your monitor has enough ports to do the video switching, get this. But better be prepared to have a soldering iron at hand, just in case.
  • A decent product

    posted by dekambas

    Cheap, that's the thing about dx.com, they're cheap and EASY to get-compared to my local shop, at least-.I can get decent signal despite it's compact design.
    It worked like a charm, a bit late on delivery but it was a holiday season here, it's understandable.I bought it along with a wireless mouse, works like a wonder. Check it out if you're interested, here:http://www.dx.com/p/2-4ghz-wireless-800-1200-1666dpi-optical-mouse-w-usb-receiver-black-2-x-aaa-101222
    One of best purchase of my many others order from dx.com

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