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uk power adapter Customers Reviews

  • Battery Charger

    posted by HellsChicken

    Thanks to the four connectors, I can charge all my devices in one plug. (iPod, HTC phone, Battery Backup, HTC Tablet) Saved me a whole socket!
    it's a very good device, although the very bright blue light is very annoying if you use it in your bedroom. I've tried to put some tape on the light, but it shines through the tape and the sides. This is a very big side effect.
  • Shame about the bright blue LED lighting

    posted by QuackingPlums

    Four ports, 2.1A total output, 500mA per port if all four in use. Seems to supply more if using less (it charges my iPad fine without the annoying "not charging" message) but doesn't state anywhere that this is the case.
    The USB sockets face upwards if you plug this into the wall. On my desktop power distribution bar however this makes the USB socket point away from me, which makes it slightly harder to orient the USB plugs when inserting.The UK socket is removable, revealing a two-pin "figure 8" C7-type socket if you want to run this off a flying lead instead.
    Good value, reasonably well made, useful for my ever-increasing collection of USB-powered devices.
  • Excellent product but a bit on the pricey side

    posted by ZR3

    - Good quality plastic and build- Good metal contacts allows for snug fits with plugs- Supports a wide variety of plug types
    Very good quality product but cheaper options are available
    Although for a product like this the price is a bit high and some of its counterparts are cheaper, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to incompatible plugs and sockets if price is not an issue for them due to its good build and quality.
  • best on market

    posted by balloonguys

    Perfect for charging multiple devices. And the ability to choose the amount of ampage you require is a must a you can get a desktop phone stand that has four USB outputs on it but if you plug it it into a say 2 amp plug your only giving 500mah to each socket with this plug you can plug it into top socket and 4.4 amps going into multi charger so your not waiting all day to charge a couple of phones
    Buy one!
  • Exactly what I needed.

    posted by lrms73

    A solid, well constructed Brazilian to universal adapter. It's rated for 10/16A ~250V. It has a functional earth plug. It do supports British, European, Australian (also Argentinean), American, and older Brazilian power plugs in a very small form factor. It is much cheaper than inferior plugs which can be found in Brazil and doesn't support foreign plugs.
    It is much smaller the usual universal plug adapters.
    Very good solution to connect old equipments to the new power outlets here in Brazil. Of course it also allows you to connect foreign plugs.


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