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It's very convenient for you to find the uk ac plug you want at our online shop. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. People who browse uk ac plug also browse uk plug charger and plug uk black. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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uk ac plug Customers Reviews

  • very useful item charge 4 gadgets at one time

    posted by kowloon

    Product comes in a nice packaging and not damaged. it is able to charge 4 phones at one time. saves bringing so many plugs when travelling. when you are not travelling, it is also useful to have a centralised charging dock for 4 phones or tablets. this product has 4 ports usb, but i only use up to 3 phones only. I have found this similar product slightly more dearer elsewhere. but DX is selling it at a resonable price. so go for it.
    a very useful usb item for everyday usage.
    a very good and cheap USB charging product. go for it
  • Worth the money

    posted by Andezu

    The Universal Travel USB/AC Powered 4-Port Hub with UK Plug definitely a good buy. 4 x USB on a plug to save space. Price is reasonable. Shipping is fast. Its charge even faster than my original mobile USB adaptor.
    Hope the Universal Travel USB/AC Powered 4-Port Hub with UK Plug don get hot when charging for a long time. Will be nice if the plug could have different colour to choose from.
    If you are looking for Universal Travel USB/AC Powered 4-Port Hub with UK Plug, this is definitely the one you need.
  • Cheap and cheerful - doesn't work with everything

    posted by jennertc

    Small and light, standard type-A female USB plug on the bottom plus a red led to show it's plugged in. Not a bad price - but there are lots of cheap USB chargers around, there's not much to them!
    Limited usefulness because it's just a "dumb" 5v supply with a USB connector. For things which will charge from it, it works! I use it for my Digimate 3 hard disk with a home-made cable to the round charging socket and my PSP with a USB charger cable.
    Was hoping it would be the only charger I'd need for all my USB-charge capable devices, but it's not by a long shot. That's not the charger's fault though really - and if you have things which will charge from a dumb charger this is as good as any!
  • Good quality charger

    posted by davington

    I am surprised to find this charger of a better quality than my original charger. The wiring started to crack at the adaptor end for my original charger after using it for only 5 months. I have since then start look for a replacement but not very suitable due to cost, an original adaptor is a lot more expensive and I do not like its quality.This charger from DX looks and feels very right. The cable length is long enough and charge my Acer A500 well.
    The small pin to plug into the Acer A500 seemed to be a little longer than the original. It protrudes out a little. But this is not of a concern as long as it seats in well and charges fine.
    If you are looking for a replacement charger, this one will do just fine for the price and quality.
  • Great

    posted by Radu24

    Works great with my Xbox, doesn't get hot. I played for more than 4 hours continuously, still cool. The leds function the way they are supposed too.
    This is a good product. It took some time to get here, but I'm glad i bought it.
    This is great and in my opinion, better than the original one which used to get hot. Also, it supports between 100 - 240V , which kind of was a necessity. The original one was burnt when i used a voltage converter with it.

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