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  • WL-toy V949 Quadcopter

    posted by TurboDre

    I ordered the V949 for the fun and to see if it really flies as good as is claimed. I can say that it flies very good and is very stable. Much better then my Nine-Eagle Kestrel-500 (single-blade) that needs more skill from the pilot. The adjustable rate percentage is great for beginners and for indoorflight . I have only flown indoors due of the cold weather and snow. But I can not wait until I can fly outdoors .The navigation and strobe lights are very nice as specially in the dark.The flight-time is good at about 10 minutes. I ordered also extra batteries with a little bit more capacity ( they only cost 9.70dollar for 3 pair).The V949 has a nice transmitter and you can switch’s Off and On the lights.
    I advice DX to sell also spare/upgrade parts for the V949. I have not crashed it but there is always the change as specially with beginner-pilots.
    Great toy for beginners or kids or a expert how wants to play with a cheap stable mini-quadcopter
  • I am glad own this

    posted by agamendesg

    This quadricoptero is very good, and actually performs loops and rolls as the announcement. The equipment manufactured by WLTOYS are generally very good and did not disappoint those who buy them. The price it worth, where I live quadricopteros similar to this cost 500% more than what I paid
    I practice model airplanes, and my friends liked it and were very interested by the size of quadricoptero when I did the first loop with it, my friends were stunned by what they saw, everyone asked me where I bought, and bought everyone an equal, only to get fun.
    Special care for children under 10 years because this equipment is a kind of model aircraft, and can break easily in case of fall. Can also cause harm others in case of accident, and can also hurt people in a collision with people.
  • Very Nice!!

    posted by Toramo

    For the price, it´s a nice quad!! The protection that recovers the blades really works well!! You can go fast, inside and outside (better for outside).
    Really good Quad for the price, good starter-quad. Veru fun even for more advanced users!! Could come with two batteries!!
    Very nice!! Would have a larger U816????
  • Amazing quad

    posted by mariocar

    Fairly easy to learn the basics.The battery lasts between 10 and 15 minutes with a full charge.It looks well built, nevertheless it cames with 4 extra blades. The remote is featurefull, with 4 levels of sensibility. Great!Has visible and audible feedback when pairing
    Excelent to learn the quadcopter flying 101. You can make stunning flips with controller set at 100%,
    This is a must buy. Do no hesitate if you want to master the quadcopter flying 101. It should carry a micro recording camera with no problems.


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