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uart module Customers Reviews

  • Useful tool for DIY and help with automation

    posted by araghorn

    ready to use from the box, it has two separate rs232 instead of description (added in 1.78 fw). Brand device with the same functionality is 10 times more expensive
    Placed in a plastic case. added an rs485 converter (max232+max485)on the second usart, and now it is a universal gateway for access to the industrial equipment)
    if you need remote access to any device with serial port this is just exactly what you need.
  • Works as expected!

    posted by djpety

    - It is installed by Windows 7 from Windows Update, so I don't needed to search for drivers- The included cable is fexible, so I can use all pins in any order- It is easy to use, just plug in, and use as a COM port in eg.: Putty- It has leds on the board, so I can see data transmission- Well builded, but it has only a weak cover
    This is a target device, and therefore can not recommend it to everyone, but if you know what to do with.
  • Works great for connecting 3.3V to 5V I2C data line

    posted by gigamegawatts

    It works exactly as you would expect: connect 5V and GND to one side, 3.3V and GND to the other, and you can shift up to 4 bidirectional signals between 3.3V and 5. This adapter is a must-have if you're working with 3.3V boards like the Raspberry Pi. I've had one converting I2C signals for a couple of weeks now with absolutely no glitches.
    An LED confirms when the voltage and ground is properly connected: a thoughtful design touch.
    This type of adapter isn't commonplace yet, so I was surprised to see it on DX. If you only have a couple of data lines to convert, DX also sells a 2-line adapter for a little less, 178301.
  • excellent device

    posted by tolyan21

    I am very pleased with this device. Ideal for Imax B6 connection with the computer. And as for the communication with the computer AVR microcontroller. Runs on Windows 7 and Windows XP (have not tried others). The converter works great with the device is powered from 3.3V.
    Based on the chip CP2102 driver can be found in a search name chip. Very useful for those who are engaged in the development of devices based on microcontrollers. Several times I have confused the RX and TX unit intact and continues to work.
    I am very pleased with this device.
  • 2WAY level converter

    posted by Marcoboot

    It's a cheap, nice and tiny pcb, what is definitely worth it's price. It has it's own powersupply (150mA @ 3V max). The pcb is 10.6mm (0.417inch) by 16mm (0.63 inch). The pitch of the header is 2.56mm (0.1inch). The two headers are 13mm (0.511inch) separated from eachother.The pcb workts great in my I2C (IIC) bus!
    I dont have second thoughts. It is a nice product.
    If you need a good level converter you should buy this one.

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