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twisted pair video Customers Reviews

  • Security Camera Baluns handy

    posted by Criggie

    I've used these things to put security cameras around my house. Using these means I can get away with running a single cat5 cable which is a lot cheaper than a coax + two power leads. These also support Audio but I don't record that.
    They're actually reversible - you can use two output ends or two input ends together, if you want to hack something together.I've also used structured cabling to patch a camera through the house. Works well.Joiners or poor-quality cabling make these work worse, so use decent cat5 and terminate them well. No need for cat6.I have a single 5 A 12V power supply that runs 6 cameras without issue, throgh a couple of splitters.
    Flexible and convenient for cameras.You'll also want a stack of adapters, like BNC/RCA (both ways around, and both available on trademe)
  • Good built balun

    posted by lukasandrysik

    -->Very good build quality. The body is solid piece of aluminium and the connectors are good looking too.-->You can distribute CCTV signal from places where you don't have coax cablles. I mean everywhere is nowdays some UTP cable.-->Device itself is very simple, there are just some capacitors inside this. So I give it five stars rating.-->Came in good looking box-->English manual included-->You can use BNC connectors or just 2 wires-->Up to 4 cameras over one cable
    Buy it if you have use for it and you know how to use it.
  • solution for professionals

    posted by RealGoldMan

    Excellent quality product, I was very surprised. A good plastic, excellent cover of the cable. Cable length between konestorami, in my opinion, just good.
    Perfect solution for the implementation of major projects. Maybe move on to buying wholesale lots for further sales in my area.
    I will always buy as needed. Excellent quality of the transmitted video signal.
  • That is all I want.

    posted by iccyy

    Balun is for converting differential inputs with +, -, pair to single ended (coaxial) BNC.
    The particular pair has the bandwidth of 40Khz to 1.1Mhz, measured.
    What I like is the push in differential input connector, easy!!
    My intended us is to take out all the balun and replaced it with a op-amp so that my oscilloscope can measure millivolt signal easily.
    It would be better is the bandwidth is wider... but for sending baseline video signal it is adequate, but I have not tried yet.
    I think its worth the money
  • Cheap but works

    posted by me-at-home

    Cheap but works. My house was prewired with cat-5 cable and had no use of it as home network was build out of wireless. Figured I need to send audio and video from study room to family room and master bed room. The best price you can find is here for the balun.
    The quality is good enough, although the video is not as clear as composite cable, it is close anyway. But Hi, it only costs you 5 dollars.
    If you need send video over unshielded twisted pair cat 5 cable, buy this!


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