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tv pal Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product.

    posted by SatanClaw

    - Looks vintage when closed, almost like an ashtray- Turns itself on automatically when you provide an input(send a video signal into the unit), like a backup camera.. - Folds up, and seems tough when folded..- Nice Finish, seems solid.- Ok quality.
    Great product, seems compact, and appears to be of high quality.
  • 3.5 inch lcd rear view/tv/dvd/mp4 video monitor

    posted by webexcell

    Got this lcd monitor today and installed it screen and build quality is very good.crisp picture nice design.
    check under moulding in box for power supply.
    great little monitor for such a cheap price.I was not dissapointed when i got it. if you are looking for a monitor for a reversing camera then this is ideal. I would definately recommend it to a friend.
  • Small player offers great features at low price

    posted by kevcom

    -Plays almost all format
    -Awesome 720p video quality
    -Compact yet with full features
    -Displays most tradition Chinese characters
    (while my other units (HP3600) has more trouble)
    -Price is very reasonable
    -Unit does not get hot (only slightly warm)
    With the convenience of standalone multi-format player including photo, music browser capability at this price, it is very attractive. It is a quality built unit with many features although it is not the best user-friendly interface in the world. Now I have one of this tiny player for each of TV in my home.
  • Not sure what this is for.

    posted by KarenS

    Good quality material, sturdy, probably just the thing if it's the right thing. At this price, it was no great loss when I discovered it was not the right thing.
    I know this review is probably not much help. I am posting it in hopes that someone else will either post a photo of the side that is not shown here, or offer a description of what it will connect. (The description doesn't say whether the other side is male or female.)
    I ordered various connectors hoping one would work, and one (not this one) did. The price makes it easy to take a chance.
  • Works perfectly with my pc aditional monitor

    posted by urighetto

    Works perfectly with my pc aditional monitor. Now I can view tv in my pc monitor!. Comes with remote control and a small antenna that is usefull if reaches good tv signal where you are. I am using that antenna, sometimes I have to move it trying to find better signal depending on channels I want to view. But it have a standard antenna plug so you can use any better and bigger antenna with it if is needed.You can record TV programs plugging a usb memory stick, you also can see media that is previously recorded in the usb memory stick.
    If you want you can purchase a vga signal switch (I'd done it), and an other vga data cable and then you have always all plugged to the monitor. So then you only have to pitch a button for switching between Tv or Pc.
    For me it works perfectly. It's just what I was looking for. Now I have a Tv where I had only a Pc monitor.

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