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tv dongle Customers Reviews

  • A good device

    posted by DylanLuhowy

    Good sensitivity. I’m able to pick up aviation band voice transmissions and decode ACARS at up to 350 km distance. Economical.
    I’ve used this device with SDR#, GnuRadio, and Planeplotter (ACARS).
    In general a good device to use as an introduction to Software Defined Radio, just be aware it may not be able to pick up anything above 950 MHz or so.
  • Turn your TV into a Smart TV

    posted by PeterR1978

    Works out-of-the-boxMini keyboard/mouse works greatEasy to use like any other Android device
    Would buy a USB to ethernetconverter if you want fast internet
    Easy and cheap way to turn your TV into a Smart TV.Ideal for those of you who use HBO GO or NetflixNo more need for a tablet, of a PC with HDMI cableI used it for a TV in the bedroom. Without needing to upgrade my TV set I was able to use all new features on the stick, instead of investing in a new smart TV set.
  • Works with SDR on Linux

    posted by sanderj

    One of my goals was to get it working with SDR (Software Defined Radio) ... which went well: I have it working on Linux for FM radio using rtl_fmTechnical details:Realtek, RTL2838UHIDIRRafael Micro R820T tuner
    Command to listen to FM radio under Linux:sudo rtl_fm -f 96900000 -W -s 150000 -r 48000 - | aplay -r 48k -f S16_LE -t raw -c 1
    Great stick for SDR.Pity I can't find any DAB features.
  • Great value for money

    posted by Cameron657

    ~ Cheapest way to get DAB I have encountered.
    ~ DVB-T tuner is powerful (Realtek)
    ~ Handles HDTV well
    ~ Runs on weak computers well (eg netbook)
    ~ Standard ant. connector - no need for stupid adapters.
    ~ Decent build, runs cool.
    ~ FM radio performs to a satisfactory level.
    Presto! PVR does not work with DAB/+ well and chews up heaps of CPU. Alternate programs and/or drivers fix this. Other reviewers provide helpful suggestions to overcome the DAB stuttering and similar issues.
    Buy a decent antenna for this, included one is useless, something mildly directional should do it, not an omnidirectional stick. Pity it's not backwards compatible with USB1.1 for my Thinkpad T30
    Fantastic unit, esp. for the price. Works great on my netbook.
  • just awesome

    posted by GustavoLiborio

    It is a very discreet equipment, has a high quality picture, the remote control makes it possible to literally turn a monitor on TV
    I planned on buying this device three months ago for see some games world cup in my work. For a while I figured it could not be satisfied mainly by the quality of the image, but after the first use I saw was completely wrong, because the image is fantastic and I'm feeling the excitement of the World Cup through this device.
    I'm sure that other consumers will also say that it is worth buying, after an analysis of the cost vs. benefits. Recommended!

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