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  • Watch DVB-T under linux.

    posted by Andrevs

    Works perfectly with Linux.
    Kernel Module: dvb_usb_it913xNeed to install firmware dvb-usb-it9135 before use (For ArchLinux users: it is in the AUR repository)After installing kernel module, it shows up in tvheadend, adding frequencies for my country (the Netherlands) and scanning finds all the channels.I do not own a digitenne smartcard so I can only receive public and regional channels, but I have satellite tv for commercial channels anyways.
    Fine DVB-T receiver for use with Linux
  • Good product nice price

    posted by Willyhun

    Very cheap product with great services. Support DVB-T/T2 DVB-C and SDR.
    Maybe useful some documentation for users,. I use this device under Linux. Current media tree (kernel 3.14) supports DVB-T receiver only, and SDR functionality. Some hours of compile and configure i can provide a nice addon to our family HTPC (XBMC). Now Live TV application added to service. Can use Live TV timeshift and record video from epg. Used applications: XBMC 12 and tvheadend.
    I only use DVB-T only at now. DVB-C and T2 not tested
  • All round reciever

    posted by TheWrecker

    Compatible with SDR# and Zadig (RTL).Small package.Good sensitivity.Recieves FM, DVB-T and other broadcasts if you can find the software for it.Also picks up analog cable radio if you plug it into the wall.
    Antenna is what you might expect from a standard antenna. You have some reception when you're lucky. Attaching a better antenna greatly boosts reception.The device also seems to 'warm up' after a while. This is probably normal though.
    Great product in a small package. Great for travelling with a laptop for example.
  • It works, but depends on signal.

    posted by lkawakita

    Easy to install. Just put the CD, install drivers and software and plug the thing into your USB port.
    Really works. Got 12 channels here at home, where I tried with an old stand alone receiver and got no channels.
    Wish there were a way to make the antenna more powerful. Better: wish that brazilian government could make something decent for a change and make digital tv signal better.
    Well, it does what it is intended to do. It's not the device's fault that the signal sucks so bad around here.
  • good quality dvb-t tuner

    posted by rizzo39

    The installation is very easy, its very easy too find the channels(not only tv channels, also radio stations). The remote worked almost right out of the box(when I put in a new battery).Its a very good dvb-t tuner!
    I bought this tuner too use in Australia on vacation and I hope the reception overthere will be good, here in the Netherlands it is not so good but its okay.
    It's an easy to use, good quality dvb-t tuner wich is easy to instal and very easy to use.

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