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tv digital usb Customers Reviews

  • I used mine as an SDR and it was awesome.

    posted by cheshirenoir

    I initially got these to listen to DAB radio, which they do admirably. Then I started playing around with them as SDRs which they are fun to use for. I used SDR# under windows and was able to have a look at a variety of audio sources.The software for Windows:http://sdrsharp.com/
    I have performed two "upgrades" on this so far. Firstly I made a simple FM antenna loop which gave me a much better Signal to Noise ratio.The FM Antenna I built:http://www.wryr.org/Antenna_instructions.pdfI also upgraded the antenna connection to use RG6 cable and connectors. I finally sealed it all in an auminium Jiffy box and earthed the USB extension cable, to help eliminate noise.
    Heh I bought 3. I'll probably buy more.
  • Very happy - good for DTV and SDR

    posted by les.j.garratt

    Easy and Cheap to set up. I am suprised the standard antenna supplied was able to do the job.
    Remember with antennas it is position and a decent ground plane (read chunk of metal to sit the base on) that will really help the signal
    I reackon good for someone who wants a cheap DTV on their laptop etc or like me wanted to play with SDR (software defined radio) whilst knowing only a little bit of info and wanting to do it on the cheapThis was a great little purchase. I was amazed to find it picked up 24 TV chanels - the max in my area. But my main use is for Software Defined Radio using a program called SDR#. If you are interested in this sort of thing then this bit of hardware is a very cheap and fairly easy way to get involved. If you try this combination then please read the SDR documentation carefully. I am a bit green around the gills on this sort of thing but reading and preseverance have been very rewarding.
  • Value for $$$

    posted by i1fang

    Value for $$$. Sure a good buy if you do not demand high-end features.- Its cooler than the rest in market- The antenna is with a magnetic foot!
    Too bad it only support MPEG2 DVB signal. Some country may required h.264 MPEG4 to support Full HD, which this dongle lacks of.
    Definitely a value buy!Its even better if u can DIY this antennahttp://uhfhdtvantenna.blogspot.com/
  • cheapest sdr in existance

    posted by r2kordmaa

    it does have:RTL2832 receiver + elonics e4000 tuner thus it is 100% compadible with GNURadio1MSPS - 3.2MSPS with tuning range 64MHz - 1700MHz8bit IQ samples within these limitations you can receive anything you can program a receiver for, for example i got ADS-B ModeS working with it(gr-air-modes reads info sent by aviation transponders and puts the airplane tracks on google-earth for you) - hey presto a 19$ aviation radar.other example, it was trivial to listen on my wireless earphones signal, or local fm stations. lots of possible applications for this device
    http://gnuradio.org/redmine/projects/gnuradio/wikihttp://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdrhttps://www.cgran.org/wiki/gr-air-modeshttps://www.cgran.org/wiki/RDSit is no match for 1700$ USRP but can do much of the less demanding jobs just fine
    you can do jobs done with this 19$ usb gadget you would otherwise need tools in the several thousand dollar price range for. for an radio amateur, electronics geek etc a great tool to have, and costs next to nothing, a must buy even if it doesnt have much precision and signal quality
  • A good receiver / Funciona no Brasil

    posted by fabricioz

    EN: - It works. - Comes with an antenna. - Comes with a OEM full version of Blaze DTV 6.0 player software.PT-BR: - Funciona no Brasil. Pega todos os canais normais (Band, SBT, Record, Record News, MTV, Rede TV, etc), a quantidade varia com a qualidade do sinal na sua região. - Vem com antena. - Vem com CD incluindo versão completa do software Blaze DTV 6.0.
    EN:It's a standard USB-Dongle DTV receiver. It doesn't receive the Full HD signal but the 1Seg (smaller screen, for cellphones).PT-BR:É um sintonizador de tv digital padrão. Ele não pega sinal full HD, mas sim o 1Seg, aquele menor, de celular.
    EN:It's worth the cost.PT-BR:Vale o preço, pois faz a mesma coisa que aqueles sintonizadores de 100 ou 200 reais que estão à venda nas lojas do Brasil.


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