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The ttl usb converter your looking for is one of our top sellers. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. You can also browse the to usb converter, converter ide usb, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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ttl usb converter Customers Reviews

  • Works perfectly out of the box on Linux without additional drivers

    posted by tizbac

    Works as expected, i've used it to install openwrt on various routers and to connect to the serial console of a beaglebone black, on linux no additional drivers requires , works as soon you plug it in
    The included cable could use colored wires that are easier to distinguishIt has no case so you should threat it with some care , or otherwise like when you remove the case from usb flash drives , it won't last long
    A must-have if you work with embedded systems ( routers , phones , arm platforms etc )
  • Nice for my routers

    posted by ornigod

    An ideal packaging, has arrived in record time, I am happy with the product, presentation and drivers been easy to get an
    Maybe a link to manuals in several languages??, if I send a manual in English might start a translation for Spanish users
    I am extremely pleased with purchase, arrived quickly and very good presentation, with a protective pouch and cables, nice buy, nice website, my best experience buying online
  • Debriking Router

    posted by boantop

    Very nice use for the troubled router with firmware and not use other additional tools. lamp life when connected grn tr rxvery suitable for you to use this product and do you doubt his abilityvery easy to use no need to learn the more difficult as staying connected with pins that have the
    very suitable for you to use this product and do you doubt his ability
    very easy to use no need to learn the more difficult as staying connected with pins that have the
  • Perfect cable for Raspberry Pi

    posted by meltwater

    This cable is ideal for connecting and controlling Raspberry Pi via PuTTY.It even works as a way to power the RPi - depending on the power supplied by your USB port.You will probably need a powered hub if you connect other things.
    Also, specifically for the RPi, a single moulded header would be better (although separate pins does make it useful for other things too).Connection for RPi (Rev1&2):Red cable: VCC (Pin 2 or 4)Black cable: GND (Pin 6)White cable: RXD (Pin 8 PiTXD)Green cable: TXD (Pin 10 PiRXD)Use puTTY with serial connection: 115200 baud.
    If you have a Raspberry Pi, this cable is a must have to take with you.Note: Unlike a typical USB serial interface this cable uses logic level signals. Normal USB to serial cables use signal voltages which will damage the RPi without additional level shifting circuits.
  • Good for personal proyects

    posted by aferruelo

    This is a good and cheap device that provides TTL signals from a USB portI use this to reprogram some modems and works perfect.I has 2 different power lines 3.3v and 5v that help a lot because not all the devices are the same.It came with a different color wires that helps identify each signal
    For the price I dont think there is a better solution.
    Must have!


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