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ttl converter Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and works OK

    posted by ozkurito

    English:Works ok. It's very cheap.Español:Funciona perfectamente. Es barato.
    English:Cheap and works ok. Windows needs drivers. ubuntu GNU/Linux works withount installing anything (/dev/ttyUSB0).Español:barato y funciona perfecto. Windows necesita drivers para hacerlo funcionar. En Ubuntu GNU/Linus funciona directamente sin instalar nada (el dispositivo está en /dev/ttyUSB0).
    English:Buy it if you need a cheap USB serial port.Español:Cómprelo si necesita un puerto serie USB barato.
  • Perfect cable for Raspberry Pi

    posted by meltwater

    This cable is ideal for connecting and controlling Raspberry Pi via PuTTY.It even works as a way to power the RPi - depending on the power supplied by your USB port.You will probably need a powered hub if you connect other things.
    Also, specifically for the RPi, a single moulded header would be better (although separate pins does make it useful for other things too).Connection for RPi (Rev1&2):Red cable: VCC (Pin 2 or 4)Black cable: GND (Pin 6)White cable: RXD (Pin 8 PiTXD)Green cable: TXD (Pin 10 PiRXD)Use puTTY with serial connection: 115200 baud.
    If you have a Raspberry Pi, this cable is a must have to take with you.Note: Unlike a typical USB serial interface this cable uses logic level signals. Normal USB to serial cables use signal voltages which will damage the RPi without additional level shifting circuits.
  • PL2303

    posted by cgluckg

    Easy to use interface, that can be connected to any USB port of the PC.Quality of the adapter seems pretty good at first look.Soldered areas seem pretty solid.
    A link to the driver download page would be useful.
    Adapter works fine and is compact, but I would recommend using an USB extension cord.
  • Cheap and easy to use.

    posted by AhmetOnat

    Nice and simple USB to serial converter. Uses imitation PL2303 chip, so may not be usable on windos computers. Works without problem on Linux. Auto recognize and load drivers etc. TTL level output is suitable for most hobby applications such as Arduino etc.
    Also has connecting cables with end sockets included. You can create your own patch cable using the supplied connectors. The patch cable is made up of single wires and it can be connected to the supplied pin header on the device and to your application.
    If you need it, this is good!
  • RS232 Serial port to TTL converter

    posted by hrpanchal

    It is easy to use this converter. simple, tiny and good thing is that it comes with necessary plugin wires for power and data.If you want to hookup your micro-controller to other micro-controller devices, this converter works excellent. I recommend to buy this product as easy to setup. Also, there are two LED on board for Rx/Tx which shows transfer of data.
    very useful for microcontroller
    simple, tiny and good thing is that it comes wit

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