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trustfire protected Customers Reviews

  • Good Deal for price

    posted by Greenturtle

    Protected- the circuit works well it prevents over charging and over dischargeCheap
    These batteries are an extremely good deal for about the same as a CR-123 Primary, you can get a Lithium Ion battery! That is not just one time use! Be careful when using them in Flashlights because they peak at 4.2 volts where CR-123 Primaries only beak at 3 volts if your flashlight was not made to handle these batteries you might fry your led :(
    Excellent deal!
  • Good 18650 batteries.

    posted by kip0rz

    Good looking cells. They are protected, and the protecction seems to work good.They fit on my Ultrafire WF-501B xml and work nice.Came in a plastic case for 2 batteries. Good for transport and protection.Arround 2500mah.
    Be carefull with them if your devices have small room for the batteries. You can damage the cell or the device.
    Nice for flashligths.
  • These Are The Best

    posted by petevan1970

    I have been building small electronics for some time. I use these in a 5v self built E-cig. These outperform any other in it's class. I run these parallel to a 5v regulator and they are great. The drain on these is about 2x as long as any other that I have tried. Also if you put these into a LED flashlight the difference between these and AA batteries is insane.
    For the money these are your best bet. I have search around and nowhere did I find a price this good. The shipping (I am in the U.S.) was also very fast less that 7 day. This store is incredible.
  • Great cells for AA flashlights

    posted by Art69

    It the cell quality was better this would be the best LiIon cell I have ever tested but I have owned 3 pairs and they usually last 6 months under heavy use (1 charge per day)After that they start to last only 5mins on the flashlight and die.
    In the first 30 to 50 cycles of use the seem to have over 400mah and work great.Protection works perfect on all I own.But durability of the cell is a bit short.Still the price I dont mind buying another par when they die , still worth it!
  • Problem with the ultrafire charger

    posted by Atlantis3030

    Didn´t know if they work well, because im still waiting for the flashlight i bought.Also i bought a ultrafire charger to recharge them and it doesn´t works fine because the batterys didn´t fit in the charger
    I was very suprise when i see that the batterys seems to be so fragile.
    I have a bad start with this kind of batterys...the first flashlight i bought was out of stock and still waiting for the new one.The charger is broken...And the batterys maybe don´t work...


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