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    posted by Fastgun

    Bright, very bright.18650 with protected end fits with no problem. I'm using: TrustFire Protected SKU 20392Extra O-rings (seals) with the package, beltholder for the flashlight includet.2 sizes on the flashlight, you choose 2 or 3 batterys with the extention tube for the handle.
    3 levels of brightness pluss 2 levels you don't need (SOS and strobe).
    Heavy, solid, bright and easy to use flashlight.Seam to me like a good quality flashlight.
  • Good, but needed fixing first

    posted by mmmfergus

    Very bright with a decent spread for off roading. The battery pack is nice an compact and water resistant, not tried in but should be fine in a light shower, certainly not waterproof but could be made so with a bit of sealant. Its is very cheap for the amount of light you get
    Only one rubber band for fixing and it is a little big. Makes fitting easier but is not as secure. Would have preferred to have a couple to choose from.
    It has its shortcomings but is really good for the price, just be prepared to get your soldering iron out!
  • I love it!

    posted by LostinUS

    It is very small and very bright for its size! The clickie switch and ALL the O-rings glow in the dark. It is plenty small to fit in your pants pocket or purse or door compartment in your car. It will light up my neighbors house 300 ft away! The clip is very nice, the clip faces towards the light end for putting in your pocket. The price is right for such high quality. This is just as bright or brighter than other branded $50 or more lights. The 5 mode switch is very easy to switch through with a simple half press. And it has memory mode so if you typically use it in low mode it will come on in low mode. It can take any AA which is easy to find but is noticeably brighter with 14500's.
    Very bright and useful for the money. If it had a bigger head it would be brighter than sku 1446 but as it is it doesn't throw quite as far, but it has way better spill. It is noticeably brighter than sku 1993 when they both have the same 14500 batteries in them. It looks to me like the same reflector, just this one has a way better LED. This light blows sku 3609 out of the water. Even with regular AA's in both(the Romisen can only accept AA's) this one is brighter.
    This is definately my everyday carry flashlight(edc). If someone knows of a better light please tell me, I would love to buy one. If this light was stolen or lost I would gladly pay $30 for a new one. If you are new to LED flashlights, this is a good all around light. Just make sure you order 14500 batt's and a charger also, it is impressive. This light outperforms a stock LED [email protected] which costs $30 and is 5 times bigger.
  • EA4 Clone

    posted by OldLumen

    This light is "sort of" an EA4 clone. It uses the 4AA format, but runs on 14500s. It has been priced to compete with the EA4. Overall it's on a par with the usual trustfire quality. If you like to mod, the pill can be removed and it's got a little more meat than the EA4 does. Output is about even with the EA4 on high (not on par with the EA4 turbo).
    Consider this is just a light sale, the batteries are poor quality, low performance and the charger is total junk. The worst one I have seen and it was busted when I got it. Poor quality of inner components made it fail. DX, sell us just the light for $25-$30 and it's a good buy that way.Here's my review comparing it to the EA4:http://budgetlightforum.com/node/21964
    It's not worth the price, considering the price of the Nitecore EA4. At $25 or $30 for just the light, it would be a good price and let us pick our own charger and batteries.
  • Nicely made and bright

    posted by fuzz2050

    This might be the nicest make flashlight I've bought from DX. It has a good, solid feel, and seems like it will stand the test of time well. Even my Fenix lights don't all have such a nice heft.It's also plenty bright and has a decent beam pattern.
    I'm not sure if I care about the crenelated bezel. I suppose it's better for beating people up, but that doesn't come up to often.
    This is easily the nicest 18650 flashlight I've bought of DX, you won't be disappointed.

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