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trustfire 3.7v battery

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trustfire 3.7v battery Customers Reviews

  • Excellent !!!!!

    posted by LHBI

    Battery capacity is as written (purchased for my friend and it's confirmed by his measurements). They are protected so it's not possible to overcharge them (tested).
    Product Ecellent !!!! Indian buying this product .....
    Nothing !!!!!! I do not have anything else to talk about this product!!!
  • Nice quality

    posted by matrix-neo

    Nice capacity cheap cells, well made even if positive end is kind of flat but my light has a + end spring anyway, otherwise use a magnet spacer
    The cells go great with the dsd charger
    About half the price i would pay locally
  • They work well!

    posted by BSeward

    Good price and build quality!Seem to hold a good charge over the last year of use. They have plenty of run time in my flashlight...I have no complaints about battery capacity, or anything else for that matter. I have plenty of spares, and if I get an couple of hours or so out of a charge, I'm well satisfied.
    I will buy more of these batteries when needed. They do everything they have to, without problem.
    I think they are good batteries, at a good price. DX has never sold me a product I was not perfectly satisfied with.
  • Good batteries

    posted by kduo4136

    Good value for money, compact battery for specific high powered devices. Somewhat reliable. I have owned it for almost a year now and it stil holds charge.
    Voltage Protection an invaluable assest!
    A good upgrade for torches that can accept Li Batteries. Its a bit longer than your standard AAA by a few mm.
    Check your device first for compatability to prevent catastropic results!
    Very cheap, good value for money. They are rechargable so as long as you have a charger, (also very cheap) they last ages.
  • Great Batteries, even if expensive!

    posted by desertdawg57

    I've had these same batteries from an earlier order; they're great! Last longer than most others advertised as 3000 mAh! Superb for LED flashlights which is where I use them mostly. This is a reorder.
    I recommend them wholeheartedly; no qualms, no doubts. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.
    If you're looking for reliable, high quality, long lasting 18650 batteries, Trustfire Protected is the way to go. Better to spend more once than spend a little repeatedly.

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