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trustfire 14500 battery

It's very convenient for you to find the trustfire 14500 battery you want at our online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.

trustfire 14500 battery Customers Reviews

  • Worth the money

    posted by Crimson13x

    Absolutely worth the money spent.These work and charge just as they should. And all seemed to be free of any visual defects.The pair of batteries here are cheaper than buying 1 battery from vendors in the US.FREE Shipping
    I bought these for a variable voltage (linear regulated) box mod e-cigarette. With moderate to heavy usage vaping, I would cycle through both sets of my grey batteries (parallel in the circuitry) in a 24 hour period. With these I find myself reaching for a third set by late in the evening.They also seem to hold their charge, with little voltage drop off until they actually need charging. This may change with more usage.
    None of the "cons" I listed above are what I would consider a deal breaker. If you know you are going to cycle through sets of batteries often, I would suggest these as quite an good buy.
  • Good Protected 14500

    posted by Bulgina

    Couple protected lithium - ion accumulators of a standard size 14500 (AA at the expense of a protection payment is 2-3 millimeters longer). 1) Real capacity ~692 ??? (77% from face value). 2) Weight of ~19.6 g. 3) Length is 51.6 mm, diameter is 14.2 mm. 4) Minus contact — metallized ???????????????, the layer of metal can be erased over time. About lithium - the ion accumulator my lamp shines much more brightly (though much less on time).
    I recommend for purchase, worthy alternatives at such price in any case aren't present.
    At real capacity in 3/4 from face value the accumulator is much better various Ultrafayers.
  • Good charger, good price

    posted by jfcyr

    The charger sends 500mh to each battery, so weither you charge 1 or 4 batteries, they all charge at the same speed. nice design and solid construction, wall plug is well made and has a tight fit with the charger
    for someone who travels a lot, there a lot of small chargers that are more travel friendly, but this one is fully automatic.
    I am not disapointed with this charger, a good product, good construction, and a good price!
  • Good and inexpensive batteries

    posted by CombatControl

    Cheap as I ahve ever seen. Fairly good energy density at around 4.0V after full charge. Remained around 3.7V for most of its charge. Only declined to ~3.2V when near empty. Can manage a fairly high discharge rate.
    For the price it works, and who cares? I have many lights from DE and the ones that come with batteries are dead soon enough.
    Buy them in quantity and buy several chargers. They will last for at least 40 cycles and over a year.
  • Great batteries!

    posted by AlexandruDragos

    Very good build quality. I like the color red because I can easily differentiate them from my AA NiMh batteries.Excellent for vaping if you have a 14500 mod. I use it in a mini Lambo and it works great! These batteries deliver high current until they are close to completely discharged. Have I mentioned the price? I think these are the best batteries for this price. Couldn't find better and cheaper IMR 14500 batteries.
    Recommended for vaping with a 14500 mod.
    Great price and performance. If you are looking for IMR 14500 batteries, these are the ones!

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