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  • TrustFire Protected 14500 3.7V 900mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (2-Pac

    posted by cardmail

    1 ) Voltage: 2,8-4,2V . 2 ) Type: Li-Ion . 3 ) Size: 14500 (AA) . 4 ) Real capacity : 800 - 850 mah . 5 ) Charger Time: about 1-3 hours . 6 ) Weight: 50 g .7 ) Premium quality
    I recommend to buy !!!
    TrustFire Protected 14500 3.7V 900mAh Excellent lithium rechargeable battery for used for flashlight . I recommend to buy !!!
  • Normally

    posted by vakim

    Strong, good enclosure. Convenient mechanism. Automatic charging. The battery is not heated.
    It was possible to repair the unit.
    The manufacturer needs to improve controls.
    Send back under warranty at this price it makes no sense. Wait for a new battery charger for a long time. The battery has been discharged.
    I quickly was able to repair the unit. In my case the culprit was the transistor b772. Replaced it with a KT814 (Russia) and the device worked as designed.
  • Very well charger for all li-ion batteries

    posted by umutkose

    -Very Fast Charging-Supports nearly all kind of li-ion batteries-Works both 12 VDC and 220 VAC-Can be combined with a 12 V solar panel (I did it and its awesome to charge my torch batteries outdoor.)-Lightweight
    Very good charger for a reasonable price. Its well structured charger and generates not so much heat.
    If it has Discharging capability it will be the best li-ion charger i ever seen. its price is not expensive.
  • Great batteries

    posted by Blindeyes

    Great battery, that has performed very well.Have been recharged many times and still work great. They last a long time in all the things I use them for. You can't buy disposables for this much so no one should complain about price. These are amazing.
    Just a great price for batteries. cant even buy 2 name brand disposable batteries for this much.Bought the charger for $8, what a deal can't be beat. $13 for charger and 2 batteries, try to find that deal in stores
    Good Quality all around battery. Will buy these in the future without hesitation.
  • These are the ones to get

    posted by gogogogadget

    -Not overrated-Not oversized-Well built
    One reviewer said that these are identical to the more expensive sku#3435, except that they are slightly wider, creating potential fitment issues. I have several torches that accept 14500 cells, including a couple of K-106's (which at least one reviewer said was a tight fit with these cells) and all fit just fine. The capacity seems to have held up as well over 4 months of regular use. If there are slight differences between batches in the DX warehouse, I suspect it's more a matter of "chance" than the sku# you order, since the warehouse employees tend to grab whatever product is within reach since they can't tell the difference without using a caliper. Maybe I just got lucky (others have also then) but I can't see any reason to pay the extra $ to order #3435 unless I saw the difference myself. Even the reviewer that said these were wider only said they were "tight" in his K-106, not that they wouldn't fit.I haven't measured capacity, but at similar brightness, they seem to come close in runtime to my Duracell 2650mAh 1.2v AAs, which is roughly the same capacity, so I'd say they're around 700-800 mAh, which is pretty good. I wish there were more options in this cell size, but the trustfire/ultrafire cells seem to be the only rechargeables I can find. Hopefully some other manufacturer(s) will start making them and hopefully we'll start seeing some higher capacities become available. I found some 2600mAh primaries online, but they were at least 3 times as much and I hate primaries anyway lol.


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