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  • Very funny =)

    posted by SamodelkinMSC

    1. Very funny light show, some time looks surreal.2. Nice price, much lower than in my country.3. Good quality, metall box, tripod - looks like serious professional device.4. Have convenient remote control.
    Great device for house partyes. It also good idea for gift.
  • perfect for party's

    posted by holender6

    Got it just one day before our new years party. It's easy to operate. Fool proof installation. plug adapter included. Manual not really needed, only to operate the RC.
    I'm glad I have this now, it can give our party's a finishing touch. Friends ask us to bring it along if we're invited. It's very easy to take along. Just need one contact.
    would recommend it to all you party-animals out there!!
  • Nice show

    posted by Guyfromhe

    Very nice point show, some circular patterns as well
    remote control
    decent sound response
    comes with basically useless mini tripod
    can be mounted on a real tripod
    can be hung from a lighting rack if you prefer
    can also just sit flat on a table or surface
    Made out of nice metal
    Unit is very small, very very small kind of cute.
    I had to take mine apart to find out how it works because that is how I am.
    For those technically minded it's got a red and a green laser module and a pane of glass between the two of them (which I believe MAY be an IR filter based on the color of the tint)
    The two lasers shine into the opening of a lighting control stepper motor which has a lens/diffusion grating on it which rotates slightly to change the displayed pattern/effect.
    It is not a scanned beam like higher end light shows but a diffused beam through a special lens so the actual power coming out should be less dangerous than a 150mw laser however still DON'T LET THE BEAM ENTER YOUR EYE DIRECTLY! and if you do open it DO NOT TURN IT ON as it does produce dangerous levels of light inside the unit.
    I DO NOT recommend taking the unit apart at all if you do DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK and you will void any warranty you may have!
    Neat laser show you can't beat it for $50.
    Has quite a few neat effects and transitions and lots of star patterns. Great addition to any lighting setup.
  • Magnificent level.

    posted by JuanAlv

    It is very easy to use since forms can place multiple for the measures of the level existing in the work that is doing. It can be placed on a tripod that incorporates, which facilitates Imaging from irregular surfaces, can be placed directly on objects ferrous thanks to a pair of magnets that brings embedded in its lower part, brings a bubble of 360 degrees which is a delight to use since it allows you a quick operation without having to waste time looking at several bubbles at the same time.
    Good level laser at a good price.
    It is imperative to install shelves and other measures of level.
  • Nice blue laser

    posted by boraicho

    Laser have very strong and nice blue (no violet but clean blue!) beam and also red laser beam. this Night Sky's Stars laser plus fog-machine equals very nice effect. the laser beams are nice visibly. and it has a reaction on sound.
    it is a cheapest blue laser on market. i use it on cottage and with us at the bar.
    i don't know what more for this :) but for this price i think that is it very good buy.


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