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tripod red Customers Reviews

  • Powerful laser

    posted by fielliep

    The product is suprisingly small, yet the housing feels firm and definitly not cheap. The laser is pretty powerful, even more than I expected given the specifications. It has a lot of options and comes with a build-in mic so you can switch to 'music operated', you can manually set the speed of the effect engine and you can manually set the strobe speed.
    The description on the website says it comes with a 2 flat pin power connector. It does not! I ordered a convertor but I didn't needed it since the product came with a 2 pin ROUND connector! The tripod that comes with it works, but I don't see why anyone would need it. You can perfectly put the product on any surface without tripod, of just use the bracket to mount it on a wall or ceiling.
    Perfect product for this price.
  • Nice laser show

    posted by jahz1

    Good price for its functions. Laser (especially green) is very bright also in big rooms. 'Windmill" effect is so psychodelic!! Great show in smoked room - all rays are visible :)
    - If it was cheaper, it will be the very nice deal.- More sound-sensible microfone is life-needed!!
    It's great to home-party-people! Have a good sound system and smoke machine? It's your choice!!
  • Pretty good; noisy fan

    posted by electricdjinn

    Fairly standard "club effects", nice to have that for myself. Sound reactivity is less fun than I hoped, but good to have.
    I'll just replace the fan with a good one I have in my junk box, and this will be a fun addition to my parties. The remote will probably get lost the third time I use it.
    Decent, minor quality issues but cheap.
  • You get what you pay for

    posted by pyrocks

    It is very cheap and You get exactly what the picture shows (WYSIWYG).
    Seems flexible enough to hold light-weight cameras.
    It's not really red, it's purple (to those who care about the color).
    If you have an ultra light camera and your not an expert then this tripod can be the right thing for you. If you have a camera which weighs more than 200 grams then I'd suggest finding something more stable.
  • Magnificent level.

    posted by JuanAlv

    It is very easy to use since forms can place multiple for the measures of the level existing in the work that is doing. It can be placed on a tripod that incorporates, which facilitates Imaging from irregular surfaces, can be placed directly on objects ferrous thanks to a pair of magnets that brings embedded in its lower part, brings a bubble of 360 degrees which is a delight to use since it allows you a quick operation without having to waste time looking at several bubbles at the same time.
    Good level laser at a good price.
    It is imperative to install shelves and other measures of level.

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