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  • Precise

    posted by Zanga2

    - It is a very good kitchen scale with 1g precision scale.- I have tested it against more expensive ones and have found that this one is very accurate.- It has "tare" function so you can subtract the weight of the tray or plate or any other container. - It's is also of great help when preparing recopies because it's converting function from g to oz to lb.- The included tray is very useful.
    - It came very well packed and it's made from good quality materials and it also has battery included, so it will simply run just out of the box.
    - It's built from good quality materials, it's precise, has tare function and unit conversion. If you need one it's worth buying.
  • Ptryyu

    posted by Reomero

    This thing works really well as a stylus so I'm happy. It's really accurate and makes playing some games that much more interesting. It is also easy to carry around, fitting easily into my picket. The LED light is also quite bright. I have used it sometimes in my room when I could not be bothered getting up to turn on the lights, heh.
    None, apart from me being wary of the battery life. Sometimes the LED doesn't seem to be as strong, but I'm pretty sure it's because of the connection internally is a bit loose, especially when it's slightly "open", i.e. the batteries are held loosely in place.
    Pretty good for the price.
  • A little bit too flexible but does the job

    posted by kcjchan

    Quite cheap and does its job properly. Color matches perfectly to an aftermarket white back piece also available here on DX. Did not have any problem with it after extended use.
    Unless you can find a better one for cheaper, this is the best there is.
    Great and cheap replacement for damaged trays. Just don't think you can fool anyone that this is an original as the original one is two tone (black and white) and has a IMEI etched on it.

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