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  • very useful item charge 4 gadgets at one time

    posted by kowloon

    Product comes in a nice packaging and not damaged. it is able to charge 4 phones at one time. saves bringing so many plugs when travelling. when you are not travelling, it is also useful to have a centralised charging dock for 4 phones or tablets. this product has 4 ports usb, but i only use up to 3 phones only. I have found this similar product slightly more dearer elsewhere. but DX is selling it at a resonable price. so go for it.
    a very useful usb item for everyday usage.
    a very good and cheap USB charging product. go for it
  • Works Perfectly

    posted by warseph

    Really good quality. Charges four devices at the same speed four individual chargers did. It looks good.
    Works perfectly, we were able to replace our phone chargers at the office with this. Really useful.
    If you have more than one USB charged device, buy it, it's worth it. I tried it with several phones (iPhone 3gs, 4s, motorola defy) and a couple of tablets (iPad included), and it just works :)
  • Very good charger, replaced my original Apple Iphone 4 charger

    posted by DuncanMcCloud

    I have used this device every day since I received it midway in 2012. I typically recharge one device at a time to give it maximum recharge current.It definitely does provide charge in the vicinity of 2100mA as I know of no other recharging device that charges my Ipad or Iphone in as short a time.
    It is not necessary to provide 4 usb charging ports as I think 2 are more than enough. Perhaps the unit could then be made a little bit more compact, although it already is very compact!
    It's a great device. Cheaper than what can be bought in the shop. It does what it says. I assume it charges around 2000mA, whereas other chargers don't even charge at half their specified rate.
  • Very good charger

    posted by piramboca

    Charge several gadgets at once, it worked properly in every equipment I have used so far: Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods, Nokia phones, Bluetooth headsets and 3D glasses, all charged in fairly good time and up to full charge. Solved my problem of disputing the charger in my home, everyone is happily simultaneously charging now. :)
    Maybe it is written somewhere and I didn't see, but it should be more clearly declared that the more gadgets you charge at once, the longer it takes for all of them be full.
    Useful multicharger, no more "yours is already full, can I charge mine now?"
  • It blew up after usb device shorted

    posted by pss2010

    Clever designed. rotating pins makes it fit NZ/aus sockets ok.
    Needs better short circuit protection and overloading like a usb power hub has as a short can kill the power adapter and also seems to kill the power tap off which is odd.
    Hand and small and good light indicators to show usb and ac is being used but is not reboust enough from shorts. could do with a cut out switch protect usb side of things.


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