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You'll find the best travel plug adapter for you here. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. eu travel adapter and compact travel adapter are the hottest keywords that customer use. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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travel plug adapter Customers Reviews

  • good adapter

    posted by Junkie101

    The best plug I had till now, my other ones were all much bigger. For it's price this item is really worth it's value. Nice that it's earthed. delivery within 2 weeks.
    If I need an other one, I would by this one again.You can use this at least with UK Plugs, American grounded and ungrounded plugs. But those are just which I tested. It definitely can also support much others and all grounded! Make sure the devide supports your countrys voltage and Hz, before using the device! (usually 230V 50Hz in Europe, but I cant be 100% sure for your country)
    Buy it if you need a good plug-converter, handy to have just in case
  • So INCREDIBLY handy...

    posted by MattInSoCal

    - Fits the standard IEC power cord allowing you to adapt no matter where in the world you find yourself- Has the standard universal connection on the front- Construction quality is quite good- Overall smaller than most other country-specific adapters- Doesn't matter which country you are from or visiting, this WILL work for you!
    I bought three of these to use as universal adapters as I travel all over the world but sometimes I either forget my country-specific adapter or don't always know which is needed. One thing that I can count on is being able to find a power cord with an IEC connector when I get there. Boom, instant power. OK, Boom isn't the right word to use here....
    I already started using one to make an instant extension cord at home out of an IEC cable. I'm going to have to order more of these because I have started giving them away (no, you cannot be my friend just to get one).
  • Awesome Adapter

    posted by HebnH

    The product is fit for all the countries I traveled, it has great build quality and it fitted all of my electronic devices so far.It even comes with a small carrying bag, very comfortable, the size is very big so I guess it will be hard to loose him in a big bag.The USB socket charges even an iPad.
    If I'll need another one, I'll buy it again.
    I think this is the best product that you can buy in this price range and in that quality.
  • Good adapter for EU/UK

    posted by Delawen

    Simple and easy to use.Works perfectly well.Tested in EU and UK.
    Other adapters are smaller, but this has more types of plugs.Chained, it is very compact for travelling.Comes with a handy bag to store the adapters. In the end, they fit as a line of adapters, so I didn't use it.
    Good choice, I would buy it again if I need another one.Recommended.
  • Functional, solid and light

    posted by Haryadoon

    * Very functional for almost every power point in the world* Very functional for almost every power cord in the world* Compact design* Lightweight, easy to fit in luggage
    For travel, this is a nicely-designed product. Unfortunately, if you are using only one of the three parts, the other remain loose. When you are travelling, this could mean losing track of these parts, rendering the device mostly useless.I did purchase a white one of these last year, and it came with a small cloth bag, which is perfect for keeping these parts.
    Good price, good product, nice design.

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