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travel plug adapter Customers Reviews

  • Useful for some countries

    posted by Checho2222

    Cheap, as usual. I remember see the original version of this plug in the airport for 35 euros. So, for a fifth of it's retail price, you can't expect it to be as good as the original, but it's fairly good quality anway.
    It's very useful either for travelling abroad, or helping travelers that stays at yours to plug their appliances.
    I would use this every day, it's just for occasional use... to charge a phone or use the hair-dryer... I wouldn't plug my refrigerator with one of this.
    The plug is overall good, and you'll probably wont regret buying it...
    Quality is fine, price is good. I wish blades would be just a bit thicker. The package came a bit crushed as usual with DX, but the plug was not damaged, I don't there are many ways to damage it, I think I could even stand on it, and it'll be fine... anyway, don't try this at home!
  • Cheap and usefull

    posted by greini83

    They are very cheap and you get 2 pieces in a package!
    For Chargers without Ground - no problem, I wouldn't use it for expensive equipment, except in countries, where there is anyway no ground available!I bought an Android Tablet from China, which only came with US-Charger (Yuandao N101).
    Because of there are 2 pieces in a package, you should keep the second one always as a backup - they really break easily!
  • Doesn't need much, works perfect

    posted by nielspronk

    Very cheap buy works very good, low price big quality.I needed it because i have charger from the US, which was not availble with a EU plug, i bought this one so i can use the charger in The Netherlands (EU)
    if you want to travel to the EU buy this one, you wil need it (except from the UK).I needed it for The Netherlands,i didn't had any problems with another voltage because i used a adapter between the led strip charger and the power supply
    Buy it if you travel to the EU u will need it, in EU they have 230v so maybe you need a adapter.only UK in the EU has another Plug.If you have more than one devices, don't buy 3 of this, buy a socket, because with a socket you can plug more devices at one plug
  • Works both ways

    posted by Strath

    A well made and easy to use gadget. No instructions needed, just rotate and see what pops out. The pins for US/AUST/NZ have to be adjusted by hand but it is easy and obvious.
    Really useful in that it is effectively a double ended adapter not just your country to others.
    Useful for travel almost anywhere
  • Functional, solid and light

    posted by Haryadoon

    * Very functional for almost every power point in the world* Very functional for almost every power cord in the world* Compact design* Lightweight, easy to fit in luggage
    For travel, this is a nicely-designed product. Unfortunately, if you are using only one of the three parts, the other remain loose. When you are travelling, this could mean losing track of these parts, rendering the device mostly useless.I did purchase a white one of these last year, and it came with a small cloth bag, which is perfect for keeping these parts.
    Good price, good product, nice design.


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