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You will be surprised our best travel backpack with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

travel backpack Customers Reviews

  • The ultimate bag for travel!

    posted by THEpaxsz

    Great Digital camouflage, really seen like the military ones,Very comfortable, have pads all around the back and the shoulder strips.ALOT of straps around the "body" of the bag, that will help if gets too full.HUGE, for travel great, you will be able to carry everything you wanna and a little more, I was able to fill with 2 weeks clothing for winter.Even with the bag full it don't get uncomfortable, PERFECT.
    Run and buy it, I use for travel with all the 3 pouches, and for everyday use with just the bag.
    Beauty with the pouches and without them.
  • Perfect for a formal office

    posted by CuJoMX

    It is fancy, serious for a business enviroment. Its strong to carry even two 15 in laptops but not so big to use too much space. Perfect combination. The inner pockets are quite nice and perfect to carry a 2.5 in external usb drive or passport
    The small pockets are quite useful. But I will add an extra zipper pocket inside for coins and a hook for keys
    Perfect for formal office use, its perfect size make it really handy and the price is really good. Similar backpacks cost 3 times this one
  • Usefull backpack for fair price

    posted by grzi1971

    -Many diffrent bags in usefull positions-Good build quality-low weight-high volume: I think 6l + 3l via zipper-compatible to diffrent drink systems f.e. Deuter-compact form
    This Modell likes a Deuter Hydro Exp 6 (2004) with some more usefull features! Is my replacement part for this, because this kind didn´t produced longer from Deuter!
    Ideal for biking and camping! A solid all day backpack!If the zipper works like now in future, this one is an actual good offer
  • Backpack for cycling and foot walks

    posted by Kohinor

    To sew high quality, conveniently for a back- the back isn't tired, at the expense of a frame and qualitative belts well supports a body, it is a lot of pockets, convenient pocket inside for a thermos and bottles
    The backpack frame, is very convenient for a driving by bicycle and foot walks. I passed with it all summer, fall, winter - it is pleasant to me, it is very convenient.
    Backpack of high quality. I to recommend for those who many goes, foot walks, a driving by bicycle, jogs.
  • Good stuff.

    posted by Megavvolt2

    I have been using this backpack for over two years now. A very nice piece of equipment - very well made, very well thought out, comfy and sturdy. I honestly can't come up with a single con here. It is well worth its price.
    buy it!
    I have no idea what to write here. In-way backpacks sold here are all good - I bought several different models and all of them were very good.500 chars limit does not allow me to post this review - not sure what to do. I will keep typing till there's enough characters to post.... I will keep typing till there's enough characters to post.... I will keep typing till there's enough characters to post....


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