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The perfect translucent blue here to meet all your needs. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

translucent blue Customers Reviews

  • Good beautiful light

    posted by diegora123

    Light really looks like Neon, very shinny and has that unique "neon" look.Bends very well.Good Construction.
    Besides the noise it makes when it's on, the product is perfect. The light even disconnects from the battery holder to make it easier to mount.It has 3 modes: You press the button once and it's on, press again and it flashes very slowly, press again and it flashes quickly, one more time and it's off. So you have to press the button 3 times to turn it off. Not a downside but it's quite annoying.
    Buy it. Light is very Neon-like. Just don't mount it right next to your computer or the place that you spend most of your time.
  • Fair price - for good quality

    posted by Twilight1959

    The quality seems very good. The length is double the recommended maximum 5m of the USB 2.0 specification. However, the cable works perfectly well - also with relatively demanding devices such as digital cameras.Apparently this is due to the good quality of materials used (low impedence) and the shielded construction.Also, the plugs are standard size and fit well the corresponding ports. The whole (plugs and cable) is protected in transparent bluish plastic and includes a ferrite choke for figh-frequencey noise suppression.
    A solid black version would be welcome. then again, this is a matter of personal taste - nothing to do with functionality; no complaints there.
    Very good quality at a fair price. I would buy again.
  • Review for the playstation 3 analog

    posted by kleanjack

    The analog is very cheap and easy to use, it doesn't stick to your hand and it comes in four colours which make customization of the controller a lot better.
    The analog sticks are really nice, never seen any other than black except this.
    It is a good product for a really small price.
  • awesome

    posted by samlorimer

    this item is so great.
    -it feels so good on your hands when your playing xbox 360.
    -blue is a great colour, it looks really cool and good on black controllers.
    -it is extremely cheap so don't complain about the price of it.
    -the buy is very very good.
    it is good for sweaty hands.
    It is a very good and very cheap item. If you love xbox and always get sweaty hands when your playing just get this it's so so so good for such a cheap price.
  • Very well made

    posted by Bhran

    Very well made, button supports are really well placed, the cutouts are in the exact shape. The color looks great, and the translucent cover allows you to show the nexus logo in the backside.There's a really nice texturized grip on the sides of the phone.
    Took me a little time to align it with the screen protector, but you'll handle it.
    Excellent for protecting your Nexus

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