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  • Tons of uses for this little adapter!

    posted by Femotter

    My family has quite a few Mini SD devices and this came in handy.It always reads my Micro SD cards. I've had Micro SD to SD adapters purchased here that need to be inserted just right in order to be read, and even some that don't even work at all.
    Many digital devices (Especially those found on DX) use Mini SD cards which seem to have been replaced by Micro SDs. So it becomes a necessity to have adapters like this, yet manufacturers fail to include them in Micro SD memory kits.
    If you have something that requires Mini SD memory yet all you have is Micro SD cards this is the perfect fix.
  • excellent card

    posted by LuisCiffer

    Excellent flash drive. Use your phone, perfect for photo and video content. Very cool. Available mikroSD pull and insert into the adapter. Using a camera with an adapter, after freely inserted into the phone and edit photos. Immediately I can share on social networks, so it is with video. Very conveniently captured on camera video viewing on the phone. Very happy with purchase!!
    Very easy to use!!
    Very happy with purchase!! ?ery convenient for travel, when the laptop is used instead of a smartphone or tablet.
  • sandisk

    posted by gralewski

    Good brand, Sandisk. 8GB is enough for most people. Works fine. You can use it on phones, cameras and all kind of devices... It is Class 4 and there is no remarcable
    the biggest Pros is the price for this high quality micro SD card. In Luxembourg/Europe exactly this 8 GB card is minimum 30% more expensive.
    This is a genuine SanDisk card. 8 GB capacity is just as stated (slightly less after formatting, of course). Price is very reasonable where I am (free shipping really
  • Good for backing up

    posted by FuzzFuzz

    -It can backup all your contacts in one mouse click.
    -This thing is small and roundy, so I think it shouldn't take so much place on your desktop
    -Reads TF cards as well as SIMs
    -Developer must make a good software and SDK and ability to do unusual things.
    Don't accept it seriously. It's only SIM backing up tool with TF reader.
  • tuns a TF or micro SD into a tiny USB memory card

    posted by warlord

    small, metal case
    I use this to keep a spare 2GB TF card on my keys. It keeps all sort of spare files and MP3s, photos, keepass, ets. It's great for whenever I run out of room on my phone's micro SD or my camera's micro SD. Or even if I just want to share the pictures I took without breaking out a usb cable.
    I previously had a plastic version that broke off my keychain so I upgraded to this metal one about 7 months ago and it's been working great ever since.
    I love how small this thing is, I don't even notice it on my keychain.

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