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transceiver module Customers Reviews

  • Nice transmitter with low price

    posted by matvs1

    The product is easy to use and has good documentation (datasheet) which is available on the WEB. The datasheet is available on the official Nordic Semiconductor website. Three are a lot of software examples there as well as other useful documents. It has connector and you do not need to sold it on the board.
    I plan to use NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver Module with PSoC.
    I recommend it using with all microcontrolles.
  • Awesome radios for the price

    posted by mianos

    The Ti/Chipcon CC1101 is a fantastic chip.The PDF for the chip is over 100 pages packed full of interesting ways to use the chip.The range is excellent, even for this product that has no power amplifiers. The 433Mhz band is much better at passing through cement walls than 2.4Mhz Nordic chips or even Wifi.I have 3 of these now and they all work perfectly.They are trivial to interface to the Arduino using the MISO/MISO/CS/SCLK interface.The Ti forum has great support should you need it.
    An amazingly powerful board for one that has very few parts.
    A handy module that replaces cables around the house for less than the price of the cables.
  • VERY NICE Transceiver!

    posted by markjeffery2012

    VERY NICE Transceiver, I tested this unit with a RS232 (max232) converter connected to my computer, and a PIC16 micro controller, and the results were very good! I did not test long range, but short range showed good results! The +5V was a major turn on!
    I LOVE THIS SMALL and COMPACT unit! I WILL BUY A TON MORE OF THESE!!!! The testing of the unit was very simple and EXCELLENT!!!!
    You wont be disappointed in this unit for the price! The parts on the board are top quality and you cant build it for this price! I was looking for a cheap and easy solution, and i found it!!! VERY GOOD PURCHASE!
  • Nice and affordable transceiver, but beware of pin header pitch.

    posted by talosds

    * It's a cheaper option than most development kits.* Features a decent antenna (and the possibility to solder an SMA connector and use a better antenna)* Can be easily used in hobbyist RC projects.* Based on the CC1101, a powerful, yet affordable IC.
    * Build quality is okay, but there are some flux leftovers on the PCB that may require cleaning.
    It's a nice, affordable radio transceiver, appropriate for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Not FCC certified, so not suitable for other use but prototyping and hobbyist projects.If having a pin header with a 2mm pitch is not a problem for you, then you should probably go ahead and get yourself a pair of these!
  • Good Bluetooth Module

    posted by Mehbr000882

    It's a bluetooth module with linvor v1.5 firmware, it works transparent through bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile), it works on any serial speed, it has configurable name, pin, speed, etc.
    To make this thing work I had to pull reset HIGH. To configure you have to pull pin 34 high, so it will accept the following commands:
    Returns the software version of the module
    Sets the baud rate of the module
    1 >> 1200
    2 >> 2400
    3 >> 4800
    4 >> 9600 (Default)
    5 >> 19200
    6 >> 38400
    7 >> 57600
    8 >> 115200
    9 >> 230400
    AT+NAME<name here>
    Sets the name of the module
    Any name can be specified up to 20 characters
    Sets the pairing password of the device
    Any 4 digit number can be used, the default
    pincode is 1234
    Sets the parity of the module
    Releasing the pin 34 to low or floating will make the module to work transparent. Received commands will be sent through bluetooth and so on.
    Buy it, you will not find this cheaper anywhere else.

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