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train sounds Customers Reviews

  • Interesting

    posted by mikeham

    Well made dog whistle, great build quality. Seems identical to very a famous brand (Google "silent dog whistle") that sells for up to $100 (!)
    (1) the claimed "3~4 kilometers" range is absurd; (2) it may perhaps be generating harmonics of the 9KHz fundamental; (3) my 12 1/2 year old Border Collie sits up and takes notice when it is blown; (4) the reaction of other dogs ranges from complete indifference to startled fear. To increase the frequency, pull off the black cover - it's a tight fit - and tighten the knob (see my uploaded images).
    It's certainly interesting, but may not be as useful as you would wish. Still, the price is so low that it's worth trying, and I'm happy with my purchase.
  • It do its work

    posted by Sartan

    It works! Easy to rechargeAuto-wake on the collar unit Long Range, perfect for a quick dog.
    Knowledge on how to train your dog with it is required. No linked stimulus audio signal-physical signal, you have to do it yourself to properly train the dog.The maximum physical stimulus level is not high, the dog will ignore it if it is too focused on something else. It works in a preventive way, but forget it to stop the dog if it is already chasing a rabbit :)
    If you know how the expensive ones work and already know how to use it to train your dog, it is a good option for much less money.
  • great toy

    posted by thiagobirote

    Emits sounds cool. The packaging is firm. And the price is worth making. The control is simple, up and down, left and right.
    In short it is a good toy. Could have other models of Thomas and his friends. The DX may contact the manufacturer for possible order.
    They can buy comes well packaged and well worth making. If you want a toy for your child 5 years or older who likes Thomas and his ilk can buy that is very entertaining. My son loved it.
  • Pet Dog Whistle Training Obedience

    posted by Gasosal

    The pros: this whistle is good quality, worked in metal, can ajustarce tone whistle, good to bring turnkey, useful for picnic, walks, or give directions to the dog, to educate the dog is very good, or If you're lost in a camp you hear in the distance, I recommend it 100% for the price and quality of work.
    I bought it thinking that if it was ultrasonic, but it is not, I ofall forms serve as sounding shrill whistle, I recommend it 100% price and quality as I said is a good job, congratulations
    You can buy it if you want a guy whistle, high pitched sound
  • My cats are already addicted

    posted by mdlimabr

    It's simple as it's supposed to be.Got the wristband, so it's easier to keep it with you.The sound level is pretty decent, my cats can hear it from anywhere in the house.The sound is very distinctive so the pets have no hard time identifying the clicking and responding to it
    Get some tips on how to proper train your pets on online sites. Do it right from the beginning and your life will be much easier. For me, I could see the results pretty fast (2 days in training) and now I can call my cats from anywhere / anytime just by clicking and they'll come up to me promptly.
    Great for training your cats to come up to you whenever you want. Can also be used to teach more advanced tricks.

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