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  • very effective,barking stoped right away

    posted by Nicklebug

    it is great that it is rechargeable and the charge last quite a while, the sound is quite loud so it really startles the dog when you press it.the price is great too.
    my dog now just needs to have the collar on and he stops barking. sometimes i just press it without it being on my dog so that he just hears the sound and then stops.
    it is a great buy for a real problem, i wish i had found this sooner and so do my neighbors!!
  • good product

    posted by ceaof

    very ease to use product, great range of utilities, very loud speaker and a lot of tempo markings. you can immediately unpack and start to play. the rubber on the pad has a very close feeling to a floor tom, if you have no batteries, you can keep on playing and practicing with another metronome
    the color and finishing are suitable to the product, and the lights are very notable
    the 5v dc adaptor could be in the product set, and the english manual is so simple, but gives you enough capability to operate the product
  • Very good

    posted by LadyEstonia

    Easy way to get my dog actually listen to me. Works also outside. Useful, small and easy to use.
    Good way to start training your dog, probably comes in handy when you have to start teaching your dog its name.
    Useful thingy. Small and I can take it everywhere. Really helpful outdoors because my dog doesnt understand her name yet, but now when I whistle, she comes at least a bit closer.
  • Works well

    posted by esromj

    Control offers many options with different intensity level
    Cheaper than in-store options, works well for the price
    This collar/remote has a good price but is not the best available. It would be better with longer range and longer battery life in the collar. I think if you take the collar off your dog each time he/she comes inside, the collar battery life would significantly improve (collar stays on as long as the dog is moving). The package includes two collars -- I haven't gotten the 2nd collar to work with my remote, just one. I tried switching the 1/2 button, but that didn't seem to work.
  • High quality boxing gloves

    posted by DXTR3M3

    These are very high quality boxing gloves with ultimate hand protection. Good comfort for the hands and sturdy wrist protection. I have used them a couple of times now and are very pleased with the gel padding that protects the knuckles. I am thinking about buying an extra pair for if this pair wears out (if that is ever going to happen).
    These are a must have for people who like to box. The gloves are very sturdy and of high quality. If you like to do boxing then get a pair of these!

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