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  • estilingue

    posted by gralewski

    The correct design, isn't present fragile places. Falling isn't terrible. It is safe for children, in difference from ball guns. Rather smooth, there are no agnails.
    For the price , it is pretty dam good. it also does what they said it would.I will love to get this for a friend. Maybe a son over 6 and up. overall its cool to just have and play with.
    I love it, but I gave it to my big son... I think I would buy another one for me!
  • Great darts, great price.

    posted by king79we

    They are just like the original ones, but cheaper. The fly further and faster than other alternative brand darts and even more accurate.
    Here in Argentina the are one quarter the price of the originals and they are just as good. I'm thinkin, glow in the dark darts would be a great idea.
    Nerf guns (most of them) come with only three darts, buy these ones. And engage war against your kids, wife, neighbour etc.
  • Nice Sniper for Display

    posted by DanielTavares84

    Well built, very well detailed, even small parts. You'll not be disappointed with the overall look. Also, is quite big, about 20cm long, it's definetely not a keychain. The bipod can be detached.
    A nice display item. Overall, it should be a little cheaper, it's just a piece of metal.
    Considering it's one of the cheapest display snipers, if you want one, this one is worth getting.
  • rubber band gun

    posted by uberfranz2

    this is a classic toy at least from the 80s. I remember I hade one similar as a kid, and had a lot o fun with it.
    The construction looks ok, my son has been playing with it and he really likes it. I think the tree look it has is pretty cool.
    It came with colored rubber bands in a bubbles package which is nice.
    this is a nice toy for children, it feels a bit cheap so I don't expect it to last forever, but it's worth the price.
    Nice toy, buy it for what it is.
  • Worth the price

    posted by sockanasa

    So today is Thanksgiving in the US and I have 6 nephews over in addition to my 3 kids. I slipped this gun into the toy bin a few days ago. When I woke up this morning three nephews were shocked as were my kids and my brother-in-law. It's already paid for itself. 3 more nephews coming in an hour or so... Muu Ha Ha Ha!
    It is small so it looks like a young kid's toy... not one for 11 or 12 year olds. However, having sons, I've found anything can be a gun... even a baby doll if necessary.
    If you can strategically place this with someone likely to try to pull the trigger (kids 10 & under), you'll have some fun.

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