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  • Suction Cup Pig Charm

    posted by Kokopure

    SO CUTE. Seriously, I don't know that there is something else you could use as a charm that's more universally adorable. I use mine as a stand for my Galaxy S3.
    I keep mine tied to a wrist strap on my bag for ease of access, as well as to show it off! Definitely no mistaking my bag for anyone else's.
    Adorable, useful, and cheap. If you intend on using the suction cup you may need to fix it a bit, but aside from that, a great purchase!
  • Cute giraffe

    posted by gabizago2

    It is very cute The price is good considering the size and qualityIt can stay standing without bouncing the neck or something like that (and I say that as the owner of a giraffe collection in which half of them can't stay standing with their necks straight up)
    It can be cute decorating baby (and adult) bedroomsIt's a good present for giraffe loversThe back legs are bended, so the giraffe stays seated.
    If you are in doubt, buy it. :) The price is good, the giraffe is cute, the size is ok (not too big, not too small) and the quality is ok.
  • It is so sweet! Well done ^^

    posted by hienspm

    Very good material is used. Product came quickly. Packaging is in good condition. Commodity itself is placed in the box. Suitable for gift. I bought this thing as a gift for my little girl and she likes it very very much :-)
    Highly recommend ! Especially for girls ^^ A special and economical gift !
    Very cheap and usefull. I will keep on buying some things like that from dx.com for quick delivery and well packaged product is important.
  • Very Cute

    posted by irene123456

    - Very Cute and Lovely- All characters are like in the photo- Keeps babies and kids entertained
    I wish there are more characters like in the nursery tales, such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella's friends, all the Disney characters, or Hans Christian Andersen's Mermaid and so on. That way we could truely interact with children/ babies through the good old story-telling.
    Great idea to keep kids entertained
  • Very Cute!!

    posted by RoSama

    Great, quality construction, it's awesome and really cute! The design is great and the item is superb value for money.A very good choice!!! Bery happy with it, you can esealy buy it as present for you friends.
    Advisable to give away, the children adore. They sleep with him, treat him as his best friend :) Gave it to my sister and she loved it. It came in perfect state.
    Strongly recommended, one of the best purchases, and the price / quality is very good.A very good buy, I recommend to everybody.

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