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touch screen repair

You will be surprised our best touch screen repair with an artful design and an amazing price. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Find more popular products from touch screen stylus, touch screen kit. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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touch screen repair Customers Reviews

  • A must have

    posted by Simiont

    If you need to replace the lower screen and/or touchscreen frame of an NDSL, this cheap but good quality part will improve the results of NDSL case replacement or repair - the old frame will not stick well if reused.
    Don't fix your NDSL' lower screen without fitting a new, color-matching, touchscreen frame. Or you might want an extra spare, in fact.
    Good price for a useful piece. Works great. Fits perfectly in the NDSL. Even after three repairs, my NDSL looks like new, thanks to a fresh new frame.
  • Excellent

    posted by PieterT

    Easy to install. Price has just been reduced - thus very cheap.Does the job perfectly.
    Please note:No glue included to glue it in place - I used a good quality superglue, but only if you use very, very, very small amount - if unsure rather use a contact adhesive or phone specific tape glue.Packaged with protective film on both sides - remember to remove the inside film before installation, and to wipe with a dry cotton cloth, as the film leaves some residue.Be carefull for fingerprints on the inside, otherwise you will have to open the phone again!
    You only need a torx screwdriver, youtube instructions and patience.Very good buy.
  • Excellent for arduino projects

    posted by FlavioBayer

    Come with protector film.I'm using it in some projects with arduino.Very easy to use, there's no built in library on Arduino IDE for these touch screen sensor but is very easy to find tutorials on the internet.Very precise.Cheap compared with other solutions like buttons matrix, you can make your own style of buttons on the position you like.
    Before smash your head into the wall because you can't make it work, try to flip it, it works in one side only(as you would expect).
    Very cheap Touch Screen sensor, works great and it's easy to integrate with arduino.
  • good touchscreen

    posted by mark456

    a good quality touchscreen, with 2 screenprotectors at each side of the plastic panel. It responds very well, much better than the original touchscreen which was almost broken.
    excellent bubble wrapping around it. couldn't wish of anything better to protect such a fragile touchscreen.
    nice touchscreen. saves you buying a new ds, the repair takes 2 houres, but it saves 120 dollar!
  • Good touch screen

    posted by CoverUp

    The best of all: It's work
    so simple like that
    Now how it's work is application dependent
    Their function principle is resistive
    the linearility it's good
    the thermal response it's good too
    due geometry, the total amount of resistance it's not the same for each axis
    I bought this for my electronics projects, not for a replacement, so i can't say if match their intended original use.
    But like a touch device work fine.

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