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The perfect touch screen pen here to meet all your needs. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! touch screen watch or lcd touch screen may offer more options for you. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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touch screen pen Customers Reviews

  • A must in the winter

    posted by pablo285

    Stylish look.Retractable.Solid metal build.Works well with my Android smartphone.
    In the winter I do geocaching a lot and that requires a lot of interaction with my phone. When the temperature is below 0 degC it can become very unpleasant to go around without gloves on your hands...this thingy is just the perfect solution!
    A very good procuts for the price - very helpful in the winter.
  • ROCK Retractable Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus Pen with Anti-Dust Plug

    posted by jeroen133cc

    Capacitive screens are the standard in quality touch screens but at times they can be a little annoying. The average stylus does not work. Your screen is always covered in finger grease and humidity can be the worst enemy of all.Luckily, now you can get great styluses with dust plugs for your 3.5mm head phone jack. It is a great way to plug up that hole and keep the dust out from behind the screen. Best of all, your stylus will always be handy and you can keep your screen free of greasy fingerprints.
    well package!- Material: metal + rubber head- Retractable design- With anti-dust plug for audio jack- Works with any devices with capacitive touch screen
    such a great product, and i had it for free with my DX points!
  • Excellent!

    posted by ddportela

    Very light, and very very very beautiful product. Looks way expensive than real cost.Nice choice for a gift, everyone who saw/tested it loved it.Nice cheap option to the bamboo stylus.I really recommend it!
    Nice range of colors.
    I´ll buy many more of this. All my friends will surely receive it as gift.Delivery to my home in Brazil occured in 3 weeks (which is a great thing).Totally recommended!
  • Good product, cheap price

    posted by raveX303

    Stylus is strong and little bit heavy for better stability in your hand.Quality of this stylus absolutely enough for basic painting on tablet.
    Stylus pens in this category are good for normal users that sometime need something to paint. For advanced users is better look for more professional level of stylus.
  • Feature-packed LCD with good software support

    posted by gigamegawatts

    This is identical to the TFT01-2.4 LCD sold by ElecFreaks. You'll find tech specs and sample code on their web site.Compatible with the awesome UTFT library, with supports Arduinos, Chipkit (PIC) and some ARM processors. Specify the S6D1121 controller (model parm ITDB24E_8).Compatible with the TFT01 Arduino shield (DX 179397) - I'm using mine with this shieldPerformance with an Arduino is surprisingly good: no noticeable lag with line graphics or large fonts.
    Based on the comments at the bottom of the page, there seems to be some confusion about whether the unit has 40 or 44 pins. Mine has 40, but is labelled "sod44pin" at the bottom. Go figure.Haven't tried the SD card socket yet.
    Amazing number of features for the price.

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