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touch screen pc Customers Reviews

  • Works great! No Worries!

    posted by jim291phantom

    This is without a doubt the cheapest touchscren upgrade on the market for the Eee 901. But that's not the good news. The good news is that it works great!
    The screen is thin, approximately 1mm, so its important to be patient and careful when fitting it but I've had no trouble with bowing or any other issues.
    The screen maintains good calbiration - I did a 25 point calibration when I first installed it but I'm pretty fanatical and needed to do some drawing but you can probably get away with a 9 point or even a 4 point for most purposes and be confident that it will hold its cal.
    The controller fits nicely on the underside of the mobo in the same spot where JKKmobile sticks the controller card in his youtube video but it so much easier that what he has to do because it's solderless. Still it's not for for the absolute novice there are 23 screws, 2 ZIF connectors and 2 mini JST connectors plus the small matter of a voided warranty to deal with in order to fit the thing. But if that doesn't daunt you. You're good to go!
    Oh! and it adds 2 internal USB ports these are awesome (but check below for a minor warning). Your next upgrade will be so much easier 3g Dongle, onboard GPS, more (cheap) storage you name it..
    Bluetooth? there's no bluetooth here and you don't need it either 901s already have it.
    Works great. what more is there to say?
    Well I just thought of something... Dealextreme packed my kit very well. Lots of Foam and stiff cardboard awesomw work!
  • normal

    posted by sebos280

    Nice tablet for not big games as subway surfers, temple run etc.if you are a gamer dont buy this.this tablet is for childeren that not play big games as modern combat, real racing etc
    i am from the netherlands and it came in 11 days it is very fast i am happy with that and i shall order more products here.
    i dont use it because it is for my litlle brother (7 years old) he play Minecraft -__-"
  • Asus EEE-900 to the MAX!

    posted by UseoNL

    This kit turns your Asus EEE-900 screen into a touch-screen. Once installed the touchscreen can be used using a stylus or using a finger/nail. I got it installed for over a week now and absolutely love it! This is a not-to-be-missed essential upgrade for the EEE lovers/tweakers.
    Pros of this kit:
    - Can be installed in the EEE-housing, once installed you won't see any difference (no bulging of the screen);
    - The adapter has a build in usb-hub so you won't lose webcam-functionality.
    I've set it up on a EEE-900/20 Gigabyte using Windows XP using the drivers that came on the CD. The drivers work flawless and you will have program to calibrate the screen.
    It really took me some time to figure where to place the adapter (there is one small board, not two as in the pictures here). I managed to put it in the left bottom corner, next to the touchpad. Once installed there it took some puzzling to work away the cables in a way the housing would fit again. I've uploaded a picture of my opened EEE after installing the adapter but somehow it never showed up here. If needed I can try to upload it again.
    I've been using this for over a week now and I love it! It's quite some work to install it (or at least I think so) but once installed it really adds to the functionality of your precious netbook!
  • Good entry level tablet, but check characteristics first

    posted by peladillo

    Of course, price is greatScreen quality is reasonably goodAsembly and materials quality seems good enoughAndroid version (4)
    Took a while to arrive (5 weeks)
    AS long as 7" suits your needs and you do not need long battery life, it can be your entry level tablet, for instance to give it for kids.
  • Good tablet so far, but specification is not exact

    posted by PM_CZ

    - Price- Android 2.1 update 1, Eclair- Marketplace -> Many Android applications installable- ADB working, adb root + adb mount works too. su is present in the image- Faster CPU than mentioned - ARMv6 max. frequency 720 MHz
    - Marketplace works, but I had to factory reset twice so far to unblock the downloads - but this is Marketplace error, not this tablet's. - After factory reset, UI is in Chinese- Skype crashes on login attempt.- Google maps upgrade not directly installable, one has to use adb to remove original package + uninstall and then inst.
    Quite fast tablet with Android 2.1, which brings additional features.Good physical dimensions, in landscape mode, it is possible to type with two thumbs. I did not test video playback, but the board should have some video acceleration.

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