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Every single touch screen module displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse the products from ipod touch screen, or some other related Pages like touch screen kit. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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touch screen module Customers Reviews

  • Good touch screen

    posted by CoverUp

    The best of all: It's work
    so simple like that
    Now how it's work is application dependent
    Their function principle is resistive
    the linearility it's good
    the thermal response it's good too
    due geometry, the total amount of resistance it's not the same for each axis
    I bought this for my electronics projects, not for a replacement, so i can't say if match their intended original use.
    But like a touch device work fine.
  • Good screen but fragile

    posted by arderk

    This is a really big screen. It is certainly good board for any ARM project. Resolution and image quality are acceptable.
    I have killed mine beyond repair cause my ITDB02 shield had 5V VCC, I did not notice this and here I have screen that initializes but goes blank after a second of work. if you see the screen is going "snow" then you can be sure it is dead ((
    I would not recommend this for everyone. Buy it and use carefully! And if you use it as designed, you will have one of the best things in your lab. I will buy another one soon. And again and again. Cause 5'' is a serious power!!
  • It workes!!

    posted by jannoi

    It is a good working touch screen for the Sony ericsson X1. Good for replacement of a damaged or scratched screen.
    good for the price
    it also seems not as sensitive as the original one, but with a stylus, pen or whatever it is even more sensitive.
    maybe my thick fingers confuse the touch sensors?
    good for the price, if you need a replacement for your phone thisone is perferct.
  • Great for repairing your NDS Phat

    posted by actifresh

    - Very nice replacement for your lower touch screen of your old and broken NDS Phat
    - It's perfect for repairing your NDS that doesn't calibrate the touch screen anymore
    - It was quite easy for me to install...
    - Everything will be fine :-)
    - Now my touch screen works like new
    - With little money I've repaired an almost useless NDS... and I enjoyed repairing it :-)
  • Nice replacement

    posted by LauchaRock

    *Low cost replacement for HTC TyTN II touch screen
    *Works excellent, you wont see difference with the original
    If you have skills in diassembly the phone, this screen makes the best of it for spare part.
    TIP: when using for the first time, make sure to make alignement pressing FIRMLY the screen, in order to calibrate it.
    Great buy, don't pay a phone tech if you can do it yourself!!

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