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  • a lot of light for a small torch-light

    posted by jhaluska

    It is incredible, that such a small torchlight can produce so much light (flood), especially when it is focused (throw). The smaller size (compared to usual flashlights) comes not only handy, but also makes the construction more solid (and sound). I like it is powered by an AA battery, which is widely available. Last but not least, it is cheap.
    I think more colors is too much to ask, and not realistic in this case :)
    If you need a small flashlight (but strong) I recommend it highly. If you need a bigger flashlight (with similar or higher output), there are always option on DealExtreme. I have bought it because of it size, and I do own also a bigger one (for other purposes).
  • Excellent Flexible neck Torch .

    posted by vmendelis

    Easy to use. Easy to fill.Stores quite neat as the neck has a place on the body to attach the end to . The body has soft grip and is nice to hold. Neck is long enough to reach into candles and not get burned. I also use it to light the gas stove. had a disposable one for lighting fireplace in my summerhouse but once that is empty will buy this one as it can be refilled.
    The trigger could be on the side , but this works too.
    Nice lighter with flexible neck .
  • Good flashlight. But....

    posted by olz1990

    +Easy focus
    +Matte finish on the coating
    +Can use borh AAA and 14500/16500
    +Reasonably priced
    +Comes with headband-mount
    Tried this out and compared to a LED lenser 85lm, and the lenser was a lot more bright. Have not tested with other batteris, but fresh good quality AAA's was not enough to power the flashlight over 70-80lm even at high setting.
    The ehadbandmount works pretty good, and holds the flashlight firm enough in place for normal use.
    If you want a OK multipurpose flashlight, this will work.
  • Product useful and fun

    posted by EletroTecRBL

    Product useful and fun, made from durable plastic and chrome lighter that will give you lots of laughs. His appearance and his laser makes it even more real by making sure your friends squeeze the trigger.
    The product is easy to reload if the gas runs out with a spray can makes butane refilled. This product is able to give a small shock that will make your friends a fright and throw the lighter away.
    Want to give it a lighter shock your friends and make you give lol?? Buy this product!!
  • Class IIIa is <mW, not 50mW.

    posted by Chesaw

    When the snow goes in a few months I expect to mount this laser sight with SKU 44686 on my 1928 Thompson, with the pressure switch on the vertical foregrip, and then test the windage and elevation adjustments and the effects of operation at a rate of 600 RPM. It seems to be well built and well finished. The green laser is significantly more visible than a red laser of the same power output in milliwatts. The xenon module that came with it is very bright.
    Looking for a laser sight that truly outputs > 5mW, I see SKU 105115 advertised at 20mW, but enlarging a picture of it shows engraved on it "5MW CLASS IIIa". Does DX offer any class IIIb or Class IV laser sights? According to the rules cited above, a laser that outputs > 5mW could not be certified as Class IIIa.
    Subject to actual shooting tests in a few months, it seems that this laser sight should serve well indoors or at night though it is not sufficiently powerful for bright daylight.

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