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This is our best tool case tools, they all share a great design and great prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

tool case tools Customers Reviews

  • Good case, strong and handy

    posted by kj2kj2

    - Strong- Good closing clip- Lightweight- Can be use for must things- Clear (colour)- Can be hung up
    Price of this case is good. Maybe DX could bring all three sizes in one "to order" product. This case is very handy for storing stuff. It's clear so you can easily see what's in it. It's strong, so it can take a beating. I Don't think you can store food in it safely. Handy for screws and that kind of stuff.
    Very good, strong and handy. Need a case, look at this one.

    posted by Ghossler

    It is a great box to keep whatever u want! Good quality and a good lock on it! So it doesnt open by accident! Every box of this version (big / medium / small) i have bought them all and they all rock! BUY IT!
    Though the price could be cheaper i have no regrets, i have been looking for boxes like this everywhere! and now i have found them! All versions of these boxes are great, BIG MEDIUM OR SMALL doesnt matter they are all great!
    Great buy! i love it
  • Handy tool for everyone who owns a watch

    posted by DerBunman

    With this tool you can open watches easily without scratching or breaking your precious watch. It has multiple tips you can put on it so it fits on all watches.
    If you own a watch you should buy this tool.
    Since I scratched some watches with an screwdriver, I bought this handy tool and never scratched an watch again when changing the batteries.
  • Great Product! unless you want to pry open things.

    posted by Drakox

    the tool has a great finish, it works like a charm to manipulate cables and move flexes while servicing computers or cell phones.The pointy end is quite sharp!
    the product seems to be quite useful when used without applying too much force.
    As long as you use this tool to manipulate cables o r open the latches of ram memory modules you should be fine with it.if you try and apply too much force to open a phone/tablet/computer case with it you will break it you're better off using guitar picks for that.Still this is a great product and would recommend it to other fellow technicians!
  • Cheap, fast and realiable way to open watches

    posted by fran82

    + It includes a hard plastic box for carrying it+ It includes 18 different tips for different watch models/brands/types+ It came lubed and ready to use+ It is robust and seems to last many many uses+ The tips are held by "friction", no tools required+ Works with all brands except Rolex+ Perfect and cheap tool for any watch technician or hobbyst
    How to use:Find the adecuate tips in the kit that match with the rear "gaps" of your watch.Now put the 3 tips in the tool, remove the watchband with a tool (not included), then "adapt" the 3 jaws to the "gaps" in the rear plate of your watch. Use the 2 wheels of the tool to find the correct position/angle.Now firmly, unscrew the cap with care.DONE!If you need to screw the back on, do the steps in the other way!- Important: You have to have a way/tool (not included) to securely fix the watch, because if the rear cap of your watch is too strong, you will not be able to do only with your hands. Also you need a tool (not included) to remove the pins of the watchband.
    With this tool and its 18 accesories you will be able to remove the back plate (open) of most watches.100% recommended product!

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