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tobacco tar oil

The perfect tobacco tar oil here to meet all your needs. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. tar oil high and cigarette tar oil are the hottest keywords that customer use. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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tobacco tar oil Customers Reviews

  • marlboro

    posted by mslynn

    in my opinion this is one of the best menthol tobacco tar or vapor oil you can purchase. the mint marlbolo flavor tastes and compares to Marlboro menthol lights. the only other flavor that I have tried and comes close to this one is the salem from deal extream.
    I would like to see deal extreme come out with bigger bottles of the oils, like the 50mls or even 100.
    if youre a menthol smoker try it!
  • caramel mocha

    posted by SuperMario84

    is very nice, sweet and strong candy flavor
    this is perfect when you drink your coffee
    if you like something like coffee or mocha , this is exactly what you are looking for.. i love it!sweet caramel mocha with a lot of vapour and strong throat hit.. try it with your e-cigarette together with your coffee and im sure you will like it!
  • Nice smoke

    posted by leon4070

    Has a great tobacco taste and is nicely high of nicotine. You get a pretty big throat hit. Mix it wirth other flavors and you will get good results. Is cheap and I believe it is a very good quality one for this money. Almost the cheapest around here. I ran out of it but I think I might order again. Currently are trying other flavors. Bottle is nice as well, does not leak and atomizer can be directly refilled from this bottle.
    Recommend it! For that money You get a good product!
    It's very nice if you pretend to mix it with other flavors. Mixing it with peppermint you will get a menthol taste-like cigarette. You can also get good mixes with apple, melon, watermelon, cherry, strawberyy and so on. If you still have not tried i would recommend to you to try right now.
  • Not really newport

    posted by righteousrob

    Price as always. Price is one of the best things about deal extreme. And while this wasn't a flavor I particularly enjoyed I am sure there are those that would like it. It was a strong menthol flavor that might be vaguely like newports.
    Might have been the mixture of pv and pg that made my bottle not as good as I had hoped. Or maybe newport doesn't convert to liquid well.
    Worth a try for anyone who likes vaping and doesn't mind taking a chance.
  • Not bad

    posted by OmicronAir

    - Tastes pretty good.
    - Very high nicotine content.
    - Quite a good amount for the price.
    - Good dropper top on the bottle.
    It doesn't taste bad at all, I really quite like it. Not flavoured as described, or well, not *quite*.
    This is still a very good e-liquid.
    I really enjoy this e-liquid and I will also be trying other flavours.

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