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The tobacco tar oil tobacco your looking for is one of our top sellers. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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tobacco tar oil tobacco Customers Reviews

  • lovely taste of cigar

    posted by Teilke

    This cigar flavored e-liquid has a very nice taste, a bit sweet, but not to much, doesn't really taste or smell like a real cigar, is a lot less smelly and not so heavy as a real cigar, but gives great throat hits, and a lot of vapor.
    I find it a good liquid, goes fast refilling the cartridges with the syringe I found here on site, and the flavor is great. My friend adores the taste, and he likes the high level of nicotine, because he's a heavy smoker.
    Overall, a great e-liquid, good taste, good vapor, strong throat hit.Definatily will buy some more, for my friend than, for me a little to strong on the nicotine.
  • DX sells great e-juice!

    posted by t4toterapeuta

    - Very well packaged, comes in a box and "sealed".- Smells good!- Lots of vapor.- Strong throat hit.- Nice nicotine content.- Great tobacco flavor I've been looking for.
    I've never smoked a mild seven cigarette, but in e-smoking, the flavor never corresponds exactly to description. So I don't know if it's close to a mild seven, all I can say is it have a great tobacco taste, just a bit sweet but more neutral which makes it perfect for vaping this juice all day long.
    DX would consider that e-smoking will gain the world sooner than we all imagine. To reach this market demand, it's time to start taking care of some aspects like I've mentioned (content, expiration date, etc.). Overall, the price could be a bit better, but I don't know if a matter of cents would make any difference. Great product!
  • great taste

    posted by kayhan66

    This product was cheap, the quality of it isn't the best but it's good. I didn't taste it yet but it smells okay, and from previous reviews it's good
    f you need tobacco tar oil for your electric cigarette, I recommend this product strongly.Maybe larger size bottles should be made available, like 100ml or 250ml. Apart from that there are no cons.
    if you like strawberry and high nicotine level, just try this, it is worth it.
  • Exactly what I expected

    posted by tricky2k

    - The flavor is strong, with a bit of sweet aftertaste very pleasant- Good throat hit- Very good amount of smoke- Complete list of main ingredients in the package- Bottle perfectly sealed- The tip is quite good for refilling the atomizer without using needle- The cap fits so well that you can carry the liquid with you without fear of dripping or leaking.
    - Waiting for the flue cured tobacco flavor to compare
    Very good concentrated flavor. A bit expensive compared to others here, but it's worth it
  • cheap and easy to use

    posted by liamhodgy

    creates lots of smoketastes greatlasts for hours without having to charge great packaging
    works straight out of the box, very nice packaging, the flavoring i would recommend would be the strawberry it really does taste if not exactly the same but very close to the real thing
    would recommend to anyone to buy, cheap, easy of use, tastes how it should,the battery lasts for hours on end same with the e liquid

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