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tobacco refill cartridge

On this page, you can find a wide selection of tobacco refill cartridge. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

tobacco refill cartridge Customers Reviews

  • Cheap but well worth buying

    posted by geoff50

    Very good value and will keep me alive a lot longer and the taste is teriffic.The packaging is quite good also (no damage) look very realistic and very easy to use and refill. notification of despatch and tracking is easy to use.
    May be better to pay a small shipping fee and the items would arrive a lot quicker
    Very good and worth every penny. I would say any one trying to give up smoking to give these a try. I will continue to buy this type of cigarette.
  • Very low nicotine!

    posted by cedricfan

    As all refills easier to use than liquid and cheap in comparison to cigarettes.
    Tobacco tatse could be stronger, now this tastes nothing other than the sweet taste of the liquid it self.
    Buy only when you are just about to quit "e-smoking" totally. Changing from cigarettes to the low nicotine e-cigarette is far too dramatic change.
  • cool refills!

    posted by pacoyos

    one of this refills cand stay whit you a long time because one of this can support more than 200 hits, ots really good buy this
    this thing come in yello this color is really fun if you go to a bar o a place you can dance, this is a really fun color and it work really good
    buy it!!! i'm love this, its really taste like mint cigarret but this is not harmful, this is not dangerouse, buy! buy! buy! i recomend it
  • Great product

    posted by Laurensho

    It works with regular sized e-sigarette tooIt lasts rather longIt kills your need for a sigarette and is healthierIts very Cheap!!
    A quick tip: Take a stopwatch and smoke a sigarette (regular one). Then when you smoke a e-sigarette, take the same time to smoke it. Trust me! If you think you'll be able to stop with it when you would with a regular sigarette, you won't
    This is a great product.
  • Good but juice is leaking

    posted by Sanderr13

    Great flavor, great price, 20 cartridges instead of the normal 10 in other packages for the same price,
    They should make the diametre a bit bigger like 0.1mm , then it would fit perfectly, just as the juice itself, i dont know how it leaked because my other cartridges, ( those packages that contain 10 cartridges) didnt leaked
    A good product especially if you see how much you pay for it, they only should make it somehow anti leak and a bit more bigger.

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