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tobacco filter Customers Reviews

  • You gotta get this!

    posted by ndrew56

    Great little product! Comes in a very presentable little box.
    Super easy to assemble despite the lack of English instructions.
    Spare parts included for wear and tear.
    Very portable
    Comes with two adapters one for cigarettes and a bowl for tobacco or anything else you may smoke.
    Great pipe definitively one not to miss. Just keep in mind this one will need replacing, but at such a low price you can easily buy more than one and be set for a while.
  • First water pipe. Best one I've used

    posted by sentinelxs

    Bowl size is perfect.
    Practically the best, the smallest, and most portable water pipe on the site.
    This is a great water pipe. Got mine today and the first draw was magnificent. Smoke was thick and white ;)
    Get it. its cheap, build quality is great and, its free shipping too.
  • Zinc Alloy Tobacco Pipe Screen Filter

    posted by hignd

    It's a great item that i have never seen before in any shop or internet shop! It's great because instead of normal screen filter nets, this one is made of harder metal, it is like a semi-ball shaped and u have a lot more space between the tobacco and the pipe.
    Could have been made with a little more carefull atention when netting the filter.
    It's a great item for it's price and i had a chance to use it ! I say you buy it now and see for yourself. Just be carefull to select the corect size for your pipe!
  • Cheap and functional

    posted by vov35

    - A simple, cheap water pipe.
    - It's pretty simple in construction and quite affordable.
    -The LEDs are, contextually, a very nice touch.
    - Smaller cigarette bowl can be used for more potent herbal blends
    -Actually has three LEDs, they pulsate different colours
    It works, and the interchangeable bowls are quite convenient.
    I liked how the down tubes have small holes in the sides instead of forcing smoke through the bottom of them. More smaller holes = better percolation.
    Worth it. Cheap, works, pretty, solid. Pretty sure it's glass.

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