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You can buy cheap to sd card from us. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Customers who purchased to sd card also viewed sd card class, 64gb sd card. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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to sd card Customers Reviews

  • Overall good quality with value for money

    posted by ConcreteDonkey

    - Takes up to 8GB MicroSD cards- Much cheaper than a Pro Duo Card- Simple to use
    Overall I think that this adapter card is extremely good value for money especially in comparison to the alternative of buying an official Pro Duo Card. However I am worried about data corruption, at the current time I use it in my PSP with most of the space being used with emulators however I regularly backup my saves. With that being said I am using two official SanDisk MicroSD cards and I have yet to experience any data corruption.
  • Very useful

    posted by dwemobiel

    You can use it as a sata harddisk. i ordered this with 2 16 Gb sd cards (SKU: 11299). with one sd card the speed was 13,9 Mbyte/s write and 16,5 Mbyte/s read.the first card was recognized as Highspeed sd card, the second as sd to cf adapte.win 7 x64 recognized this without any problems.if inserted both cards the speed increases to 26 Mbyte/s.when used with sandisk extreme 45 mb/s cards (2 pcs) speed is write: 40 Mbyte/s en read 44 Mbyte.also usable as sd cardreader (it is fast!)
    I inserted the cards with very much care it feels fragile, but that is only a feeling.other info:IDE\DiskSINTECHI_SD_to_CF_Adapter_SPEED_V1.0____Rev_1.2_IDE\SINTECHI_SD_to_CF_Adapter_SPEED_V1.0____Rev_1.2_IDE\DiskSINTECHI_SD_to_CF_Adapter_SPEED_V1.0____SINTECHI_SD_to_CF_Adapter_SPEED_V1.0____Rev_1.2_GenDiskPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3B22&SUBSYS_04271025&REV_06\3&11583659&0&FA
    it is a flexible ssd, easy to use with one 16 Gb card to have different 'test' harddisks, one for xp, one for linux etc. and a fast switch is possible
  • Good product

    posted by Sedai1

    - Easy to use
    - Extremely low price, as usually in Deal Extreme
    - The protective case keeps your data safe and you don't lose your microSD -card so easily
    - I have a lot of microSD cards from my old smartphones and now i don't lose them and I can use them in my camera.
    - It's pretty good for the money
    - Just buy it because the price is so low you won't regret it.
  • Useful adaptor

    posted by nnodstrum

    It's cheap, does what it says it does, and it's cheap.
    I bought a 8gb micro card from mymemory and needed an adapter to use it in my Nokia N810. Because micro SD appears to be more common and cheaper in higher capacities this comes in very handy. That way I can use the micro sd card in almost any device. If you buy a mini to SD adapter you complete the full range. Go one step further and get a SD to CF adapter, but beware of SDHC limits.
    You can't go wrong, you're only wasting a dollar and a half if it isn't useful.
  • One of the Best Class 10 Cards on the Market

    posted by Cabel

    Great price and speed. I have tested the card with the application SD Tools and it reached the application maximum speed> writing speed: 12.4 MB/s, reading speed 25.8 MB/s. The real speed probably goes beyond the SD Tools application boundaries. The adapter is great and fits perfectly with the card and the lap top card reader.
    It arrived to Macedonia relatively fast. I have order it on 25th of March.
    Great product with good price!


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