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  • Great converter for low power LED-bulbs!

    posted by Derfpa

    Its a great converter for converting small cheap LED-bulbs to E27. I have a few old lamps here and there that are on 24/7 for guidance light with very low power, and i was now able to convert to LED thanks to this!
    Be careful when you handle this, and always break the power before connecting this!
    Many old lamps have E27 and if you want to use them with E17 for example low power led as guidance light, this is precisely what you need!
  • Great adapter for UK/Ireland

    posted by Declan1

    Very useful for Ireland and the UK as sockets are B22 sockets. E27 LED bulbs are more common and better priced. More choice in E27 bulbs so this adapter is a must
    Always buy a few of these as the bulk rate is great value on deal extreme
    These are great for the price and a must if you have B22 sockets. Quality may need to be improved but you get for you pay for
  • Good adapter, check size first

    posted by viciousgti

    This adapter is great for using a standard American sized bulb in a different holder. The construction is simple, and using the adapter requires screwing the adapter into the light socket, then the light bulb into the light bulb adapter. Then, you turn on your light, and it should work fine.
    Good adapter, when you have the right sized bulb for the bulb socket you are trying to use.
    A good purchase, just make sure you have the right size, and do not use a high wattage bulb in the adapter.
  • It works and it's cheap

    posted by perttijooseppi

    E27 to E14 Light Lamp Bulb Adapter Converter works fine, shipment was fast, it is cheap and came as a normal letter to my front door so I didn't need to fetch from post office which rocks.
    Cheaper than at local stores and quality is good. I see no reason why not to order this from here unless you need it right away.
    I've used this with E14 LED-bulb couple of weeks in a E27 hole and no problems have occured.
    I don't now how much the item would warm with a normal bulb because LED-bulb doesn't warm at all and how well it could stand the heat.
    If you are not in hurry order this item from here. Quality is good, price is cheap and delivery is quick.
  • good Product

    posted by AlbyDNC

    Good quality, very helpful with 200w fluorescent compact lights that have e40 bulb plug.the construction is good and is resistant.I recommend this product to everyone has my same problem.
    really helpful with video continuous lights and studio photography.I enjoy using this product that make my work easier
    I recommend to buy this product, because of its usefulness. It can also be used by growers in greenhouses to adapt fluorescent compact bulbs to e27 plugs.

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