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    posted by petersonbreve

    * REAL metal case* GREAT effect of wire-drawing* PERFECT color* FITS perfecty iPhones 5 and 5S* GOOD inside protections* Comes in a very good quality hard plastic RETAILER BOX/case, great to have your product shipped in great protection.* it's even possible for you to SELL this case because of its retailer box.
    Amazing case, great for every situations, very fashion, still very discreet, can be used by MEN. I recommend.
    Great price, great case, you should buy one too!
  • Excellent Product

    posted by aksuzuki

    excellent product of extreme quality much better than I was expecting the horns are long and fit perfectly on the screws aluminum cable is very well finished and the grip is very good, the shipping was very fast and the product came packaged very well, price is very good an excellent value for the money, I recommend to all who want a good HEX screwdriver
    definitely would buy the product again
    I recommend to everyone who have all classes of rc helicopters
  • Surface Tested & Recommended

    posted by leonardlow

    * Knife itself is very strongly constructed using premium materials. Less than 1mm/kg of lateral flex in the blade, which is 4mm thick.
    * Handle is made on non-slip, rubberised material, and is deeply textured to provide additional grip in any conditions.
    * Knife blade is well designed with line cutter, sharp serrated blade, sharp main blade, and double-edged tip.
    * Blade material is corrosion resistant. Tested by immersion of BLADE ONLY in oxygenated, saturated saline solution for 8 hours, after scratching blade surface to cut through any possible protective lacquering. No ferrous corrosion (rust) visible. I also immersed "control" items made of mild steel in the solution. These rapidly displayed the expected signs of rusting and corrosion due to accelerated oxidisation in the saline solution.
    To test this properly, it really needs to be repeatedly taken to depth in sea water. After repeated sea water dives it should be possible to properly determine if the blade and tang are rust proof.
    However, this was the best I could do with preliminary surface testing.
    This is a very solidly constructed knife with an excellent, grippy handle and very hard, very sharp, well-designed blade. The blade appears to be highly corrosion resistant, though the quantity of titanium in the blade isn't really ascertainable. However, a knife is only as rust-free as it's least corrosion-resistant component, and while both blade and pommel (counterweight) are rust-resistant, I strongly suspect that the interior, unseen components of this knife are made of less corrosion-resistant materials. I recommend removing the pommel and spraying WD-40 or other silicon-based sealant/waterproofing into the interior cavity under pressure. After replacing the pommel, this treatment should reduce the permeation of sea water into parts of the knife handle that cannot be later accessed for cleaning.
  • beautiful!

    posted by oniejj

    It is very strong. It is very modern and beautiful. The design is very thin but it is still strong. You can attach it easyly to your phone without any problems. It has also a sort of isolation below it to make sure you will not scratch your phone with this case. The case is highly modern and nice!
    It is an nice modern case, which fits perfectly on your iPhone 4 or 4S!The titanium (which is really very strong) gives it a amazing look at your phone!
    Buy it if you are prepared to pay a little more for some chiqueness!
  • Really good!

    posted by lhgm

    Good quality lens, no distortions and really reduces a lot of glare.Great frame, very lightweight. Fits perfectly in my face.As opposed to some other reviews, I find the case very good and beautiful.Lentes de boa qualidade, sem distorções e realmente reduz bastante a luminosidade.Boa armação, bem leve. Encaixa perfeitamente no meu rosto.Diferente de outras reviews, eu achei o case muito bom e bonito.
    I would recommend it for anyone seeking for a good and cheap sunglasses.Recomendo para qualquer um à procura de um bom óculos de sol.
    If the frame suits your face's shape, this is a no brainer. Just buy it.

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