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  • Tire Pressure Gauge

    posted by stazinski

    '- display pressure gauge of tyres- works for car and motorbike- precise measure of the pression- scale for psi, bar, kpa and kg/cm2- simple to operate- battery included- portable- price is good
    I use this device mainly to measure the tire pressure to the motorbike. It works reliably and accurately.
    I use this device mainly to measure the tire pressure to the motorbike. It is a good buy for someone who needs to know the tires pressure. It works reliably and accurately.
  • High pressure air pump

    posted by EmerCom

    Very easy to useGood priceGood pressure outputMany adapters coming with (as for soccer ball etc.)
    Thing that must have in your car for long travels & not only, but for Jeeps & minibus owners will need to find something more powerfull (or to wait 20 minutes for 1 tire inflation)
  • Very usefull for the driver or rider!

    posted by Magknight2

    The design is very good and the clip make it easy to carry around in your pocket. Is as small as a pen and equaly lighter. The gauge comes with Kg. and PSI. It also comes with the piece to remove air from the tire valve. Many people wanted it when I show it. Is also very cheap.
    It would be nice if it where metallic, although it would probably be heavier.
    It's a good tool to port around in your car or bike. It saves a lot of time alowing you to messure your tire pressure before driving or riding. A must buy.
  • A very useful accessory for the car.

    posted by bardilu

    The pressure gauge achieves very precise measurements and is extremely simple to use. When you have it you can take the pressure of cold tires, which is the right way to do it.
    I think they should do that shipments arrive a little earlier, in my case generally take one and half months.
    I think the quality / price of the product is correct, so I'm satisfied with the purchase.
  • Excellent device.

    posted by bg1199

    Excellent product. Compact size. It is easy to use. Multiple units of measure. Automatic shut-off switches off the device. The battery will keep the charge if you forget turn off the unit.
    I bought three devices. Checked the measurement. The measurement error between the measurements of the three instruments was 0.01kg - very good. High accuracy of the results of three devices, but check on the exact equipment was conducted.

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